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Month of August 2018 B

Sunday 5th August - 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time b

Thursday 9th August - St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)



Ann Hawkins (RIP) (Meehan Family)

Thank you for Parishioners love and support (Rohini de Silva and Family)



Teresa Curran and Family (Wellbeing) (Burland Family)

Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament 10.30-11.30

Monday 6th - Transfiguration

Friday 10th - St Lawrence: Deacon and Martyr



Muriel D’Souza (Thanksgiving)

Chain of prayer Begins


Nora McBrearty (RIP) (Meehan Family)

Tuesday 7th

Saturday 11th - St Clare, Virgin


Finton Antao (RIP) (Natasha Pereira and Family)



Phil Bolger (RIP) (Eddy and Mary)

All Parishioners

Wednesday 8th - St. Dominic: Priest
Sunday 12th - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Malcolm Antao (RIP) (Natasha Pereira and Family)



Eileen Barrett and Gladys Bowers (RIP)

Gasper Pinto (RIP)(Patricia and Eucebio and Dominica Pinto)


First Reading: (Ex. 16:2-4, 12-15). In response to the murmuring of the Israelites, God rains down manna upon them in the wilderness.

Second Reading: (Eph. 4:17,20-24) To be truly Christian, we must ‘put off’ our old pagan selves and become new people in the image of Christ.

Responsorial Psalm: (Ps.78) The Lord gave them bread from heaven.

The Gospel: (Jn. 6:24-35) The crowd is rebuked by Jesus for seeking after perishable food rather than the ‘bread of life’ which is Jesus himself.


Sunday 12th August - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time b

Thursday 16th



Eileen Barrett and Gladys Bowers (RIP)

Gasper Pinto (RIP)(Patricia and Eucebio and Dominic Pinto)



Nora McBrearty (RIP) (Fuller Family)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 13th

Friday 17th


Helen D’Souza (Thanksgiving)


Barbara Stallard (RIP) (Ann Pike and Harry Ince)

Tuesday 14th - St Maximilian Kolbe: Priest and Martyr

Saturday 18th


Mary and Michael Barry (John and Ann Fanthome)



Teresa Fuller (RIP) (Snashall Family)

Kenny O’Hara (RIP)(Kathleen and Des Leahy)

Wednesday 15th - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday 19th - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ann Hawkins (RIP) (Freny)

Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament 10.30-11.30



Richard Marshall (RIP) (Norma and Family)

All Parishioners



First Reading: (1 Kings 19:408). God sends an angel to nourish Elijah on his journey to the mountain of God.

Second Reading: (Eph 4:30-5:2) Having been sealed with the Spirit in Baptism, a new manner of life after the example of Jesus is now required of each Christian.

Responsorial Psalm: (Ps.33) Taste and see that the Lord is Good

The Gospel: (Jn. 6:41-51) Jesus affirms that he is the true ‘bread from heaven’ which gives life to those who will accept it.



August Double issue

As we have now entered the holiday season we will be providing two ‘double issue’ newsletters.


A Chain of Prayer

Let us together link communities and countries, as witnesses to the Catholic Faith, to protect the sanctity of life, in combating abortion and euthanasia through the Rosary and with 10 days of prayer.; from the Feast of the Transfiguration Monday, 6th August 2018 to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Solemnity) Wednesday 15th August 2018

One way of participating in this time of prayer is to join us for the Rosary after the morning Mass from Monday to Friday with the exception of first Thursday when you are invited to join us in an hour of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, ending with Benediction.

Holy Hour – Sunday 12th August: 4pm – 5pm

As the week of Prayer ends of the 15th August which is a Wednesday, the Holy Hour will be on the Wednesday rather than the Thursday.


More of Mary

You remember Mary Kenny from last week in the comments page in the Catholic Herald. In December of last year, she referred to a letter from Pamela Major published by the Guardian, making a counter point to the utilitarian view that having a baby was demanding, expensive, and excluded many other activities. This is what Pamela wrote in her letter; “But when considering motherhood, the kind of questions I would ask are: Do I want to bear personal witness to the greatest miracle on the planet, child birth? Do I want to watch, day by day, the growth of an infant’s personality on the constant ‘feedback loop’ of life? Do I want in middle age to be closely involved with young people finding their place in the world? Compared with that the question of perhaps not having enough time for my favourite leisure activities, for six or seven years seems small beer.” Follow Mary Kenny on Twitter: @marykenny4


Ladies Wednesday Club

Next meeting 5th September 7.30pm: New members always welcome. Information: Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456



The Annual Parish Pilgrimage to Aylesford Priory

Organised by the Lourdes and Disabled Committee will take place on Sunday 12th August.

There will be a coach leaving the Church at 9.45am arriving in good time for the Mass and Sacrament of the Sick at 12 Noon. The coach will leave Aylesford at approximately 4pm.Refreshments will be provided. If you would like to join this pilgrimage or want to know more about the pilgrimage please contact Joe Bowman on 0208 310 1770 or Kath Penny on 0208 3047909 as soon as possible and no later than the 4th August to confirm you would like to join this pilgrimage.


St Thomas More Open

Join us for our Parish Golf Day on the 22nd September at Birchwood Park. Hope you have taken to heart the tips that have been given to you over the last few weeks. Watch this space for further enlightenment!! But in the meantime, please contact Tony Brook on 07833 707016 to book in for the day.


Thursday Lunch Club

The Club is having a well-earned break for two weeks from the 2nd August to 9th August and will resume on Thursday 16th August at 12 Noon. If you would like to join this wonderful group of people either as a helper or a participant please come along and bring a friend.


First Communion 2019

Thank you for your letter regarding your child’s First Holy Communion. Please collect the application forms from Fr John as soon as possible


Parish Memorial Book

The updated version of the memorial Book is now situated in the Lady Chapel on the stand. If you would like your deceased relatives to be added either name and/or photo please drop a copy off to Fr John or Jacquie. The photos or memorial cards will be returned immediately.

Something to chew on

Closing our eyes to our neighbour, blinds us to God. Benedict XXV1

Mass attendence on 12th August 2018:

Counters -12.08.2018

Counters -19.08.2018

Tom Breen and Mike Kearns

Dave Meehan and Joyce Minah



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