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Month of March 2017 A

Sunday 26th - 4th Sunaday of Lent a Thursday 30th



Mr Shashi D’Costa (RIP)

Mary Hourigan (RIP)



Tom Woodward(RIP) (Liz Woodward)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 27th

Friday 31st


Desmond Rodriques


No Mass Today
Mass being said at St Columba’s School

Tuesday 28th

Saturday 1st


Patrick and Kathy McGown (Ann Moloney)



Damian Kirby (RIP) (Ann Kirby)

All Parishioners

Wednesday 29th Sunday 2nd - 5th Sunday of Lent


Karen Farrow (Well Being) (Rosaline and Richard Smith)



Collette Linnane (Well Being) (Phil Maloney)

Vera Purcell (RIP) (Jo and Tony Brook)


First Reading: (1 Sam 16:1-13) David is anointed King. At the Lord’s command, the prophet Samuel anoints David, one of Jesse’s sons, as King over Israel

Second Reading: (Eph 5:1-11)Rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you St Paul Exhotrs us to leave the darkness of sin behind and to be people of light, seeking to please the Lord in all we do.

The Gospel: (Jn 9:1-41) The blind man went off and washed himself, and came away with his sight restored. Jesus meets a man who is blind from birth and gives him the gift of sight. He then reveals to him that he is the Messiah. The blind man testifies to the Pharisees that he has been healed by Jesus and finally he worships Jesus as Lord and God.

Responsorial Psalm: The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want


Mother's Day

Today we thank God for all our mothers and for innumerable blessings we have received from them, especially the gift of life. Happy Mother’s Day to them all.




Stations Of the Cross

A traditional Lenten devotion will be prayed every Sunday in Lent from 16:00-17:00, followed by a period of quiet prayer before the blessed sacrament ending with Benediction. All are welcome and encouraged to take part.




St Thomas More Club

New venture: FRIDAY NIGHT DARTS TOURNAMENT sign in at 20.30 for 21.00 start. Entry £2.00. FIRST PLACE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY AND CASH PRIZE: 2ND BEER (Don’t know how much) and cash prize. Come along and bring a friend.

Coming up FRIDAY 21st APRIL: A FAMILY BINGO NIGHT. More details later. See posters in the porch.




CAFOD Family Fast Day

The total in all came to £600.90. Thank you.




Bible alive

Available in the Porch - £2.50



General Notices

lent 4th week

What about Mass on a week day or two? Not as a penance, though it may mean adjusting my routine. Worth the effort because time spent with Jesus. Jesus does not call us to Mass, to harangue us, or tell us off. He doesn’t even ask for anything, he gives, not demands. Calls us so that we may rest a little while, have a little peace so that he can talk to us, assure us of his love. Allow us to lean on his breast, cry on his shoulder. Enfold us, embrace us in love and gently heal and sooth our hurts and wounds. Tenderly wipe away our tears. Calm our fears. He doesn’t break the crushed weed or quench the smoking flax. He gently takes us by the hand so that we can face tomorrow less afraid.
            Also I might be more reflective, being silently present with the Lord. It is not that He is more present in quiet places, as he is equally present everywhere; it is that in the quiet we are more likely to hear His voice.

To hear the whisper of the Lord
You must turn down the volume of the world.
Find time to disconnect from everything around you and be still in his presence.

We might ponder this question. If I am not as close to God as I use to be, who has moved?




A reflection on the lord's prayer

You are also at home in Britain, this land of ours. Here we will seek you and find you – in our daily cares, in our efforts to rebuild our native land for the benefit of all.
By our unity may your name be hallowed, by our solidarity with those in greatest need; of our untiring sacrifice for justice and peace.
YOUR KINGDOM COME May it come soon to the hungry, to the weeping, to those who thirst for your justice. To those who have waited years for a truly human life. Grant us the patience to smooth the way on which your Kingdom comes to us. Grant us hope, that we may not weary of proclaiming your kingdom and working for it despite many conflicts, threats and shortcomings.
Grant us a clear vision, that in this hour of our history we may see the horizon and know the way on which your kingdom comes to us……

to be continued

Easter is not a second christmas

Courtesy of a parishioner, I have read an article from the Daily Mail Monday 20th March written by Quentin Letts bemoaning and warning us that the commercial world which has already ‘taken over’ Christmas is doing the same with Easter  Sainsbury’s are promoting their “Easter essentials”. There are 51 products without which, you and I will be incapable of celebrating Easter.  They range from Sainsbury’s Humus to Mr Kipling’s lemon fancies, Bassets Jelly Babies, Bunnies to daffodil- decorated paper napkins etc..Are these what we need to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They are not and I would suggest that their promotors have the slightest appreciation of the Religious Festival that is Easter. The Bottom line is profit. Carolyn Bailey of Good Housekeeping is quoted as saying “We feel people now want that extra touch to finish off the table. This year we have seen more people buying gifts and decorations for Easter including crackers which are normally bought for Christmas. Easter is becoming like a second Christmas” Yes, but only in the commercial world. Christmas and Easter are religious festivals celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection respectively. We must not allow ourselves to be conned into thinking otherwise. We must be on our guard as we know from the Garden of Eden the serpent is SLY.

PS Fr John has made a very limited number of copies. What about downloading??




St Thomas More Club Presents

St. Geroge's Day Dance

Saturday 22nd April
from 20:00 – late
Tickets £7.50 (includes sausage and chips supper)

Music by Elevation




Women's Wednesday Club

The Club will be meeting on 29th March at 19.30. For further information contact  Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456




Confirmation Retreat

Our Confirmation candidates are away this weekend on Retreat at Walsingham House in Canvey Island,  in preparation for their big day in May. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you.


Mass attendence on 19th March 2017: 473

Counters -02.04.2017

Ann Burton and John Marsh