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Month of March 2017 A

Sunday 19th - 3rd Sunaday of Lent a Thursday 23rd



Tom Reid (RIP) (Mrs Joyce Reid and Mrs Janice Smith)

Babs Ellard (RIP) (Kathy Brady)



David Wallis(RIP) (John and Ann Fanthom)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 20th

Friday 24th


Audrey Fernandes (Well being)


Chacko Joseph (RIP)

Tuesday 21st

Saturday 25th


Trish Mulvihill (RIP)



All Parishioners

Fred O’Toole(RIP) (Liz Woodward)

Wednesday 22nd Sunday 26th - 4th Sunday of Lent


Gavin and Marian O’Driscoll (Well Being) (Margaret Williams)



Mrs Selma Moniz (RIP)

Mary Hourigan (RIP)


First Reading: (Ex 17:1-7) Give us water to drink. Moses leads the people of Israel through the desert where their faith in the Lord is put to the test.

Second Reading: (Rom 5:1-11)The love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit which has been given us. St Paul tells us that it is by faith in God that we are justified. Jesus Christ who reconciles us with the Father and grants us peace

The Gospel: (Jn 4:5-42) A spring welling up to eternal life. John meets a Samaritan woman at a well, reveals himself to be the Messiah, the Christ, and promises her to give her eternal life.

Responsorial Psalm: O the today you would listen to his voice! Harden not your hearts.


Congratulations to Louise Kelly and Jeremy Kingham who celebrated their marriage here at St Thomas More on Saturday 18th March. We wish them every blessing for their future life together.




St Thomas More Club

New venture: FRIDAY NIGHT DARTS TOURNAMENT sign in at 20.30 for 21.00 start. Entry £2.00. FIRST PLACE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY AND CASH PRIZE: 2ND BEER (Don’t know how much) and cash prize. Come along and bring a friend.

Coming up FRIDAY 21st APRIL: A FAMILY BINGO NIGHT. More details later. See posters in the porch.




CAFOD Envelopes

If you have brought your envelopes with you today they will be collected as you leave Mass



Attention All Readers

Your guide booklet is available in the Sacristy; please make sure you collect your copy.  Thank you.



General Notices

lent 3rd week

Almsgiving the third spiritual growth promotor. Here the dynamic is the same. Dying to my tendency to hoard, to surround myself with “things”. Consumerism in the TV ads tells me I owe it to myself to have this or that. It is not that I need it; I am told I should have the newest. I get it and then in a short time I forget I have it and then I go out and get more of what I don’t need and so it goes on. Almsgiving is not about making myself destitute it is about sharing with the person who is in need. If we all do this we will all have enough, all having what we need. Almsgiving helps us to die to “The wanting more” selfish syndrome that may grow into sharing, giving life lived by Jesus. Again DYING to LIVE.

Lent is a time for noticing; noticing what is going on in my life. To notice I need to slow down, to “stop and stare” at my life. To try to see myself as God sees me. This suggestion might seem scary, being before the gaze of God, who sees me as I am. His focus is always what is good in me. He sees the potential. He wants to release. Yes, he sees my sins such as they are, whatever He sees, He sees in Love. Fear not I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name. You are mine.




The truth about pope pius XII

In 1999 John Cornwall wrote a book about Pope Pius XII suggesting he was in ‘cahoots’ with Hitler’s policies towards the Jews during World War II and he was not the only one who saw the Pope in this light. In a recent BBC News item dealing with the silent prayer of Pope Francis at AUSCHWITZ it was suggested that it was in reparation for the silence of the Catholic Church during the HOLOCAUST. New evidence came to light which makes the Pope’s heroism undeniable. See copies of a Catholic Herald article by Fr Chamberlain  OSB in the porch.
Many of you may have seen the film about Monsignor HUGH FLAHERTY a Kerryman in the VATICAN who saved the lives of thousands of Jews and allied soldiers through a series of ‘safe houses’, convents in the Vatican. Also, there was a Catholic Italian, GINO BARTELI who won the Tour De France before the outbreak of the War and then spent the war years cycling around Italy carrying forged baptismal certificates for Jews. He worked with the local Bishop and the Franciscans in Assisi.
Some years ago Fr Jean Icher showed me a field near where he lives in which there was an underground bunker built as a hiding place for a Jewish family. So the Pope, Priests, Nuns and ordinary Catholics were responsible for saving thousands of Jews; a fact that is acknowledged by the authorities today.

Lenten reflection day

Saturday March 25th 10.00 – 15.30 Fr David Standley once Parish Priest of St John Vianney will lead the day. After reflection and discussion the theme for the day is Dying to Rise with Christ encapsulated in the words of our Parish banner for Lent. The day will start with 10am Mass and end at 3.30pm ish with coffee and lunch breaks. Spread the news and invite friends. All are welcome.




St Thomas More Club Presents

Saturday 18th March from 20.00 – late
Tickets £7.00 (includes light refreshment)

Music by Duck Soup




Women's Wednesday Club

The Club will be meeting on 29th March at 19.30. For further information contact  Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456




St Catherine's Catholic School
Required as soon as possible:

We are looking for a full time specialist teacher for our high performing 11-16 girl’s Catholic school in Bexleyheath. Every student follows GCSE RE AQA Eduqas Route B and typically 90+% achieve at least a pass grade with 25% A grades most years. We are looking for someone with UK teaching experience who can deliver the KS3 curriculum too and - best case scenario – this GCSE RE but our RE Dept. is exceptional and we could support the right candidate who might be unfamiliar with this course. Please contact Mrs Judy Strong Deputy head on

Thank you.


Mass attendence on 12th March 2017: 414

Counters -26.03.2017

Dave Meehan and Joyce Minah