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Month of March 2017 A

Sunday 12th - 2nd Sunaday of Lent a Thursday 9th



Mr Mulkerrin (RIP) (Paddy Holloran)

Deceased members of Castanha Family



Vera Purcell (RIP) (Liz Woodward)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 13th

Friday 17th


William Hunter (RIP)


Joseph and Eileen Marshall (RIP)(Norma)

Tuesday 14th

Saturday 18th


Pat Barry (RIP) (Eileen Barry and Family)



Nora Conway (RIP) (Dymphna O’Rourke and family)

Lloyd D’Souza (Thanksgiving)

Wednesday 15th Sunday 19th - 3rd Sunday of Lent


Fred O’Toole (RIP) (Meehan Family)



Tom Reid (RIP) (Mrs Joyce Reid and Mrs Janice Smith)

Babs Ellard (RIP) (Kathy Brady)


First Reading: (Gen 12:1-4) The call of Abraham, the Father of God’s people: We hear the call of Abraham to leave his old home and to set forth in reliance on God’s promise to make his name and his blessing great.

Second Reading: (2Tim 1:8-10)God calls and enlightens us: Just as Abraham was called so we are called as Christians, by Christ’s life-giving death, to hope; not just for a great name, but even for immortality with God.

The Gospel: (Mt 17:1-9) His face shone like the sun: The Transfiguration invites the disciples to hope for a share in Christ’s coming glory. It also reminds them, by its passing brevity; that we will live that hope more in waiting than in seeing.

Responsorial Psalm: May your love be upon us O Lord as we place all our hope in you.

Welcome to Maureen Poole

Welcome to Maureen Poole who will be baptised, confirmed and receive her First Holy Communion at the 10.30, Mass as she becomes a member of our Parish community.




Stations of the cross

A traditional Lenten devotion will be prayed every Sunday in Lent from 4pm-5pm followed by a period of quiet prayer before the blessed sacrament ending with Benediction. All are welcome and encouraged to take part.




Family Fast day: friday, march 10th

The date for the speaker has been changed so we are awaiting a new date. On Ash Wednesday the children of St Thomas More staged a service of prayer and reflection centred on Florence a hardworking, devoted mother who with the help of CAFOD working with the mum’s of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary was empowered to start her own fish farm. As a result of which she has been able to send her children to school. She then, in turn, trained other mothers to do the same. CAFOD makes very good use of our donations. CAFOD envelopes will be collected after all Masses this weekend.




Patricia Baccelli RIP

The funeral for the late Patricia Baccelli will be at Eltham Crematorium on Thursday 30th March at 14.45. Patricia was a parishioner of St Thomas More for many years before moving away.




Attention All Readers

Your guide booklet is available in the Sacristy; please make sure you collect your copy. 
Thank you.





General Notices

lent 2nd week

Last week we noted how prayer i.e. time spent with God takes us out of our self-contained world and life and moves us into the world of the unlimited life of Jesus Christ in the movement of dying to one to rise into the other. Today we look at how FASTING takes us into the same rhythm of dying and rising.  Food and drink are about ME, me looking after number one, myself. Yes, I have a duty to look after myself but it can become SELFISH. Instead of eating to live I live to eat. The same can happen with drink.  Fasting puts a boundary around the self-satisfaction that comes from eating which is the most common of human activities.  The first sin involved eating i.e. eating ‘WRONGLY’.  Fasting in Lent is about getting my eating RIGHT i.e. in moderation. It’s not about losing weight but, curbing my tendency to self-indulgence which can happily result in an unsought healthy loss of weight.  So we see the dying/rising movement dying in self-indulgence in order to enter into, to rise into the selfless life giving way of Jesus Christ.




The Mission volunteer returns

My name is Emily Koltunicki and on the 22nd September I travelled to Tanzania to help set up small businesses in rural communities with a charity called Raleigh International. I fundraised over £1,600 for the charity with the help and support of St Thomas More’s Church contributing greatly to this.

For three months I lived in a small village with a population of 1,500 called Msolwa Station. With the help of 5 other UK volunteers and 6 Tanzanian volunteers, we ran an entrepreneur course, teaching villagers aged 18-71 key knowledge in relation to setting up small businesses. This means there are now 12 new businesses in Msolwa ranging from a soap seller to a bike hire service.

My eyes were opened to the hardships of life in Msolwam such as a lack of electricity, secondary school and job opportunities. Despite adversity, I have never met such a happy group of people. Rather than spending their evenings on phones, watching TV or on the computer, families and communities came together to enjoy each other’s company, eating together, talking about the day and actually spending time together.
In an era when certain politicians and media outlets attempt to manipulate our attitude to individuals from certain countries and religions, it is important to reconsider our perspectives. Msolwa was half Christian and half Muslim but not once did I notice any hostility from either party in terms of religion. Despite religious differences the villagers accepted each other, made bonds and saw people for their character rather than religion. Being a community, big or small, means accepting others differences and I urge each of you to take a moment to think about how you can do this.

Kind regards Emily

The co-Workers of St. Teresa of Calcutte

Are holding a coffee morning in the church hall this Sunday 12th march following the 09:00 Mass. Please come and support us.




St Thomas More Club Presents

St. Patrick’s Day Dance

Saturday 18th March from 20.00 – late
Tickets £7.00 (includes light refreshment)

Music by Duck Soup




Women's Wednesday Club

The Club will be meeting on 8th March at 7.30 in St Thomas More Hall and 15th March Erith Theatre at 7.30pm.
For further information contact Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456




St Catherine's Catholic School
Required as soon as possible:

We are looking for a full time specialist teacher for our high performing 11-16 girl’s Catholic school in Bexleyheath. Every student follows GCSE RE AQA Eduqas Route B and typically 90+% achieve at least a pass grade with 25% A grades most years. We are looking for someone with UK teaching experience who can deliver the KS3 curriculum too and - best case scenario – this GCSE RE but our RE Dept. is exceptional and we could support the right candidate who might be unfamiliar with this course. Please contact Mrs Judy Strong Deputy head on

Thank you.




lenten reflection day
saturday, 25th march 10.00 - 15.30

Fr David Standley once Parish Priest of St John Vianney will lead the day. After reflection and discussion the theme for the day is Dying to Rise with Christ encapsulated in the words of our Parish banner for Lent. The day will start with 10am Mass and end at 3.30pm ish with coffee and lunch breaks. Spread the news and invite friends. All are welcome.


Mass attendence on 5th March 2017: 352

Counters -19.03.2017

Janette Cousins and Rukee Perera