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Month of January 2017 A
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 22nd - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time a Thursday 26th



Miriam Fernandes (Wellbeing) (I & E Pereira)

All Parishioners



Paraic Mulkevin (RIP)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 23rd

Friday 27th



Morning Prayer

William Hart (RIP)


Requiem Mass for Patrick McGowan

Tuesday 24th

Saturday 28th


Lucy Murphy (RIP)



Anne Mullen (RIP)

Kathleen Reynolds (RIP)

Wednesday 25th Sunday 29th - 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Victor Fernandes (Thanksgiving)



Desmond Rodriques (RIP)

All Parishioners


First Reading: (Isa 8:23.9:3) The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light.

Second Reading: (1 Cor 1:10-13,170) Be united again in your belief and practice.

The Gospel: (Mt 4:12-23) Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Responsorial Psalm: The Lord is my light and my help.

Christian Unity Service

Christian Unity Service: will take place here at St. Thomas More at 17.00 on Sunday 29th January, we are hosting it and will be joined by our fellow Christians from St. Andrew’s put the date in your diaries please.




Confirmation and Holy Communion Preparations

The Confirmation Preparations and First Holy Communion Preparations continue as planned 2017 Diaries are now available in the porch (Free) if you wish to make a donation the proceeds will go to the local Hospice. Thank you




Bible Alive

Copies of BIBLE ALIVE are available in the repository @£2.50 each.




Prayer Requested

Please remember in your prayers and Masses baby HUGO JOHN GALLAGHER and his parents





The funeral mass for the Late Patrick McGowan will be at 11.30am on Friday 27th January 2017, followed by burial at Hill View Cemetery at 1pm.  The funeral details for Laurie Liddon are being arranged.




Attention all Parish Readers

Please use in the Bidding Prayers the introductory formula to the Hail Mary as given in Newsletter last week which is as follows: We ask Mary Our Mother to join with us as we say Hail Mary...

Thank you.







General Notices

Breaking News

It is not about any major world event far away.  It is right on our doorstep.  The church boiler had broken down.  Following an investigation it would appear that it is unfortunately wounded beyond useful repair, so we require a new one. 
One quotation received says £4,100 - supplied and fitted with a 7 year guarantee.  We await a quotation from British Gas.  On your behalf the Parish Council will make the final decision.  The hope is that the new boiler will be in place by next weekend.
To make the new year more exciting the sound system has also broken down.  When it rains it pours as we say, and rumour has it that the boiler in the Presbytery is not in good health! So much for the ‘Breaking News’!

Through the auspices of the premises manager at St Thomas More we have hired a temporary gas fired blow heater.  It is a bit noisy but it does get the temperature in the church up to 8 degrees or so.  Incidentally, the longer we stay together in the church the warmer it gets so roll on longer sermons.  Enjoy.




The Art of Dying Well

You will remember this heading from a few weeks ago detailing the help available through our      Faith vis-a-vis Death.  Also a few weeks ago I came across the heading, The Art of Surgery.  Under that heading a British surgeon David Nott has spent several weeks each year in war zones and other crisis in Sarajevo, Iraq, Chad, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.  In Yemen he run a course called HEST which stands for Hostile Environment Surgical Training.  A surgeon in war zone needs to be able to do about 100 different types of operations ranging from gunshot wounds, fragmentation wounds, blast wounds and plastic surgery.  The 43 Yemen surgeons were great.  They sat through 22 hours of solid lecturing not leaving the classrooms despite it being 40 degrees.  He says what is happening in Aleppo is dreadful.  When will we ever learn that war is not the way to peace?  Who was it that defended insanity is doing the same thing time and time while expecting a different result?  Yes there is a lot of insanity in our world and Jesus came to give us peace.  Why don’t we work with His Recipe?




Women's Wednesday Club

For information: Mary Kearns – 0208 304 2456.




What is his recipe?

As proposed last week by Pope Francis it’s the way of nonviolence a style of politics for peace.


The Non Violence of Jesus

Challenges the culture and status quo to demonstrate  God’s inclusiveness

  • Jesus related to the presence of God in everyone including those outcast or shunned – prostitutes, lepers, the poor... easting with tax-collectors and sinners (Mk 2: 15-17)
  • His message goes beyond the house of Israel.  Samaritans shown to be good (Lk 10: 25-37) and grateful (Lk 17: 11-19) Canaanite woman’s faith (Mt 15: 21-28)

Breaks the rules sometimes to demonstrate what is important to God

  • On the Sabbath – picking up grain (Mk 2:23-28) healing the blind man (Jn 4: 5-42)
  • His disciples not washing hands (Mk 7: 1-13) or fasting (Mk:2: 18-20)
  • Speaking to the Samaritan woman alone (Jn 4: 5-42) touching the woman with the haemorrhage (Mk 5: 25-34)

Confronts the powerful

  • Jesus exposes hypocrisy – Counting dill and cumin but neglecting justice and mercy;  ‘You snakes; you brood of vipers!’ (Mt 23)
  • Exploitation by money-changers – his prophetic demonstration provoked the chief priests and scribes (Mk 11: 15-19)
  • Speaking truth to power – the Pharisees (Mt 21:23-27); Jn 8:3-11) and Roman governor Pilate (Jn 18: 33-40)
  • Limits to co-operation – render to Caesar only what is Caesar’s (Mk 12: 12-17)

Accepts suffering willingly, but does not inflict suffering

  • Rejected any retaliation by James and John for insult by Samaritan village (Lk 9:51-56) and use of a sword in Gethsemane (Mt 26: 49-55)
  • Armed only with truth and love – absolute nonviolence of the cross as way to resurrection
Jesus knew when it was wise to withdraw from a violent situation: ‘he passed through the midst of them and went on his way’ (Lk 4:28-29)





Last but not least we welcome Mrs Yvonne Connolly and congratulate her on her induction as head teacher at St Catherine’s Catholic School for girls and assure her of our prayers and support in her new responsibilities. 





Fr. Francis Memorial Endowment Fund

Your contributions came to £2503.78. Thank you for your generosity. A cheque has been sent through the Spiritan Fathers based in Chester.

 Letter of thanks received.



Mass attendence on 15th January 2017:

Counters -29.01.2017

Caroline Walters and Melissa Goes