St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
Fr. John O'Donoghue 420a Long Lane, Bexleyheath, DA7 5JW (T: 020-8303 2189)



Month of December 2016 A
2nd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 4th - Second Sunday of Advent a Thursday 8th - Innaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary



William & Josie Cox (RIP)

John Cassidy (RIP)



Deceased relatives of Mrs. Wright

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 5th

Friday 9th



No morning Mass or 09:30 Mass

Requiem  mass for Vera Purcell,
followed by cremation at Falcon wood.


Mary Bowler (RIP)

Tuesday 6th

Saturday 10th


Phylis Budd (RIP) (Eileen Budd)



All Parishioners

Tracy D’Souza (Thanksgiving)
(Vincent & Helen D’Souza)

Wednesday 7th - St. Ambrose, Bishop & Doctor Sunday 11th - Third Sunday of Advent


Bob Smith (RIP) (A. Sanshall)



Fr. Francis (RIP)

George & Rose Wright (RIP)


First Reading: (Isa 11:1-10). In the most beautiful and poetic vision, the prophet Isaiah announces the coming of a new king who, filled with the spirit of God, will bring the world true peace.

Second Reading: (Rom 15:4-9). Paul Exhorts the Christians in Rome to be patient with one another. Differences within the church can be challenging but we are called to be tolerated, following Christ’s example who came to serve all alike.

The Gospel: (Mt.3:1-12). John the Baptist calls out to us the key message of Advent: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand”.


Responsorial Psalm: In his days justice shall flourish and peace till the moon fails.

November Memorial Service

It was very well attended and was seen as an appropriate manner in which to remember the dead. Thanks to Mulligan’s Funeral Directors for organizing the bar and the other fine refreshments of food and drinks.




Parish Readers Day (Sat Nov 26th)

Three attended. There were two apologies. Fr. John is at a loss as to how to interpret the response. Was the date, the time or the speaker not right? Or was it down to forgetfulness or disinterest that it did not warrant even an apology? Hopefully not.




Confirmation Candidates – May 2017

Calling all Year 10 or above students who are interested in joining the programme. You are welcome to speak to Jacquie or Fr. John if you wish, but if you wish you can do it on the night.




1st Holy Communion - June 2017

This is a notice for those parents who have written to Fr. John expressing the wish to receive help and support in preparing their children for First Holy Communion which will be celebrated in June 2017.  The first preparation class for the children will be Sunday December 4th @ 08.45 in the hall. All parents must attend the meeting.





General Notices

Welcome to Advent Second Week

How am I doing? The Gospel last week said: “Stay awake”. To stay awake I must already be awake. Am I? If not I must awake NOW. Only then can I begin to prepare. PREPARE is our banner word this week! Prepare for HIS SECOND COMING for the celebration of HIS FIRST COMING in a few weeks time.

Maybe I could start to prepare by choosing to spend 5 minutes in silent prayer each day reflecting on a word of Scripture or the words of a favourite prayer. Or can I be more attentive, more caring to someone?





You will have noticed that the word ‘Prepare’ is at the heart of the Gospel today; that is prepare for the second coming of Jesus at the end of time. It is suggested above that I could spend 5 minutes in prayer of one kind or another, the important thing is to start and try to be faithful. We can have very good intentions, but so often we can fail to ACT on them and do it today. Now read on;

What have I done today?

You say you will do much in the years to come. You plan to give wealth in a princely sum. You will heal broken hearts and dry every tear. Bring to them hope and take away fear. Carry his WORD to those far and near, but what have you done today?

You plan to reap much in the by and by. You plan to build mansions in the sky. It is nice to dream and in visions bask. The only real question that matters I ask is what will you do today?




Christingle Makers
Friday 23rd Dec, 11:00

We are hoping once again to encourage the generosity of the children of the parish to share their good fortune with those children less fortunate by bringing a wrapped present to be presented at the offertory and as a thank-you the children will receive a Christingle.




Women's Wednesday Club

7th December 13.30 CHRISTMAS LUNCH (Bexleyheath)
14th December 19.30 FLOWER ARRANGING

For information contact: Mary Kearns - 0208 304 2456




Senior Citizens' Christmas Party - 8th December

This year St Thomas More’s Parish Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party will be held in the Church Hall on Thursday, 8th of December from 18.30 to 09.30. Music by Gerry Kelly. Invitations have now been issued out to parishioners. If you would like to attend what has always been an enjoyable event in the life of the Parish and have not yet received an invitation please let Joe Bowman on 0208 310 1770 or Kathleen Penny on 0208 304 7909 or Fr John know as soon as possible. Reply slip must be placed in the box in the porch and Returned by no later than today Sunday 4th December.




A Corol Service

A Carol Service being presented by the Children from St. Thomas School, years three and four: On Thursday 15th December 2016.  Parishioners are welcomed.

Sick and Retired Priests Support Fund Campaign

Our thanks to the parishioners who attended the presentations about the fund last Sunday in the hall. Hopefully we will, as a parish be able to increase our ongoing contribution to the fund.




The Trees

The two trees will be removed on the 13th and 14th of December 2016. Please be aware there may be some parking restrictions as the area will be condoned off.




Friday Night Entertainment

2nd December - Elevations





Fred O'Toole

Fred O’Toole: Requiem mass on Tuesday December 13th at 11.30 followed by cremation at Falcon wood.




Parish Christmas Dance - 17th December

St Thomas More Club: presents PARISH XMAS DANCE ON 17TH December 2016 at St Thomas More Hall, Long Lane, Bexleyheath from 20:00 till late. Music by James Dee. Tickets £10 inc of a hot supper.




The Fr. Francis Memorial/Endowment Fund

Mass for the repose of Fr. Francis’ soul will be offered on will be offered for Fr. Francis on Sunday 11th December at 09.00. 

Envelopes handed out last Sunday, may pleased be returned this weekend or the next weekend masses. Thank-you.

Further to the above, hopefully, we will see the fruit of our efforts in August 2017, when funds will be allocated to students following a gestation period of 2 years to grow the funds, through investment.
Please see correspondence on the Notice Board relating to funds (Disbursement to students in August 2017. Following 2 years gestation period).
1) Investment details – Bank charges etc., etc.
2) Names, Telephone no, Email, Addresses of 7 members of Trustees of the Governing Body managing funds – calls welcomed.
3) Distribution – Disbursement to Students in August 2017.




Christmas Vigil Mass

The time has come once again to call our budding actors and actresses to take their places in the Annual Parish Nativity Tabloid:
The  first rehearsal is on Saturday 17th at 11am, followed by the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday 23rd at 11am.  All help and support of as many parents as possible will be very gratefully accepted.

We have a number of costumes but if you can help us with any more, this would be extremely welcomed.



Mass attendence on 27th November 2016: 342

Counters -11.12.2016

Dave Meehan & Joyce Minah