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Month of November 2016 A
1st Sunday of Advent

Sunday 27th - First Sunday of Advent a Thursday 1st



Desmond Rodrigues (RIP)

All Parishioners



Ethel Antao (RIP) (Vincent & Helen D’Souza & fly)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 28th

Friday 2nd



Morning Prayers

Annie Mullen (RIP)


Thanksgiving mass for Reagan Pereira (Pereira family)

Tuesday 29th

Saturday 3rd - St.Fracis Xavier, Priest


Mauricio & Valeria (Wedding blessings) (Angela Sanshall)



Brian Snashall (RIP) (Angela Snashall)

Kathleen Marriott (RIP) (Mary & Tom McCormack)

Wednesday 30th Sunday 4th - Second Sunday of Advent



Annie McDonagh (Maureen Mulkerin)

Memorial Mass



William & Josie Cox (RIP)

All Parishioners


First Reading: (Isa 2:1-5): The prophet Isaiah presents us with his great vision of a pilgrimage of all people to Jerusalem. There they will learn to live in peaceful and just relationships by following God’s ways.

Second Reading: (Rom 13:11-14): St Paul alerts us to conform our lives to the hope to which we are called: all darkness of sin and suffering will soon come to an end for God’s eternal salvation is dawning.

The Gospel: (Mt. 24:37-44): Jesus warns us of inattention to, and carelessness about, his second coming. His coming is sure, and will have drastic consequences for those who refrain from being open to reality of the kingdom among them.


Responsorial Psalm: I rejoiced when I heard them say; ‘Let us go to God’s house’.

Confirmation Candidates 2017

Calling all Year 10 or above students who are interested in joining the programme, which will start on November 9th. The meetings are from 7.30 – 8.30.  Please feel free to come and join us. You are welcome to speak to Jacquie or Fr. John if you wish, but if you wish you can do it on the night.




1st Holy Communion - June 2017

This is a notice for those parents who have written to Fr. John expressing the wish to receive help and support in preparing their children for First Holy Communion which will be celebrated in June 2017.  The Commitment Mass will be on Sunday 27th November @10.30. The first preparation class for the children will be Sunday December 4th @08:45 in the hall. All parents must attend the meeting.




1st Holy Communion, Confirmation Committment Mass

COMMITMENT MASS for 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation is today at 10.30 Mass today. Who is committing? Primarily parents especially, with regards to 1st Holy Communion children, but also with regards to the confirmation candidates who will be making their own commitment. An important time for all in our parish community.





General Notices

Welcome to Advent

The word comes from the Latin advenire, meaning ‘to come’. So we can speak of the advent of summer i.e. the coming of that season. When we use the word in our Church language, it has a special meaning i.e. the coming of our Lord. The first instance it does NOT refer to the Christmas. Although the Jewish people were anticipating the coming of the Messiah, they were thinking in terms of FINAL TIME, the end time and when Christians prayed MARANATHA – COME LORD JESUS, they were not thinking of Christmas, Christ’s first coming but his second coming, at the end of TIME. They were waiting and praying for His second coming. Our ADVENT primarily gets us thinking and reflecting on that second coming of Jesus, at the end of time. It was in order that He would come again, that He came for the first time on the first Christmas day.




Women's Wednesday Club

7th December 13.30 CHRISTMAS LUNCH (Bexleyheath)
14th December 19.30 FLOWER ARRANGING

For information contact: Mary Kearns - 0208 304 2456




The Fr. Francis Memorial/Endowment Fund

As we approach the Fourth Anniversary of the death of Fr. Francis on 12th December 2016, we remember him with love and prayers.
Prior to his unexpected death he had expressed his desire to set up a foundation to raise funds for the education of ‘Needy female students at Ejisu University in Ghana’, where he was rector. He had suggested that we might assist him, in what he called his ‘Nobel Cause’.
Following his death, the University set up the foundation, its purpose being to raise funds, for the education of female students and in memory of Fr. Francis. In collaboration with the University – our Parish set up ‘The Fr. Francis Memorial/Endowment fund for ‘His Nobel Cause’. We do this through an envelope collection each year, around the anniversary of his death, so that parishioners can contribute. In the past the amazing amount of nine thousand one hundred and twenty three pounds has been donated through your generosity. Fr. Francis dream is becoming a reality.
Envelopes will be distributed at all masses on the weekend 26/27 November which are to be returned over the following two weekends 3rd /4th and 10th/11th December 2016.

A mass will be offered for Fr. Francis on 11th December (RIP).

Further to the above, hopefully, we will see the fruit of our efforts in August 2017, when funds will be allocated to students following a gestation period of 2 years to grow the funds, through investment.

Please see correspondence on the Notice Board relating to funds (Disbursement to students in August 2017. Following 2 years gestation period).
1) Investment details – Bank charges etc., etc.
2) Names, Telephone no, Email, Addresses of 7 members of
Trustees of the Governing Body managing funds – calls
3) Distribution – Disbursement to Students in August 2017.




Senior Citizens' Christmas Party - 8th December

This year St Thomas More’s Parish Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party will be held in the Church Hall on Thursday, 8th of December from 18.30 to 21.30. Music by Gerry Kelly. Invitations have now been issued out to parishioners. If you would like to attend what has always been an enjoyable event in the life of the Parish and have not yet received an invitation please let Joe Bowman on 0208 310 1770 or Kathleen Penny on 0208 304 7909 or Fr John know as soon as possible. Reply slip must be placed in the box in the porch and Returned by no later than Sunday 27th of November




A Corol Service

A Carol Service being presented by the Children from St. Thomas School, years three and four: On Thursday 15th December 2016.  Parishioners are welcomed.

Sick and Retired Priests Support Fund Campaign

If for any reason you did not get your newsletter last Sunday with the attached leaflets relating to the above fund, some leaflets are available in the porch. You are invited to take one. Thanks.   There is a separate attachment with this newsletter inviting those parishioners who were unable to attend the presentations last year, to a video in the Hall on Sunday,27th November, after 09.00 and the 10.30 Masses.




The Trees

The two trees will be removed on the 13th and 14th of December 2016. Please be aware there may be some parking restrictions as the area will be condoned off.




St. Andrew's Feast Day - CANCELLED

This celebration has been cancelled



Lourdes and Disabled Committee Meetting

There will be a meeting on Sunday 27th November at 6pm to finalise arrangements for the Senior Citizen Christmas party.




St Thomas More
Annual Christmas Turkey 25 Card Drive

The date is Saturday December 3rd and takes ‘flight’ at 20:00 (the birds are still on the bushes) but hopefully we will have a couple down for the night together with some bottles. Spread the news among friends and enjoy the ‘Craic’ bar open. If you don’t fancy the bird take the cash. See you there.




Friday Night Entertainment

2nd December - Elevations

PARISH XMAS DANCE ON 17TH December 2016 at St Thomas More Hall, Long Lane, Bexleyheath from 20.00 till late. Music by James Dee. Tickets £10 inc of a hot supper.




The Art of Dying Well

This is a new website launched that offers help and support to those grappling with issues around the meaning of dying and death.
Based in the Catholic tradition but open to all, it features real-life stories about dealing with the journey through death to eternal life.
The Catholic church has a rich treasury of resources and reflections that the Bishops of England and Wales would like to open up to everyone. To achieve this, they have developed a resource call The Art of Dying Well (or Ars Morendi) for the digital age.

Expert advice for The Art of Dying Well has been sought from professionals in palliative care, ethics, chaplaincy, history and media. The website is






Well known and respected, Vera's coming into the church on Sunday December 4th at 16.00. Requiem mass December 5th at 10.30, followed by cremation at Falcon wood.


Fred O’Toole

Well known and respected, Requiem mass on Tuesday December 13th at 11.30. followed by cremation at Falcon wood.


Mass attendence on 20th November 2016: 384

Counters -04.12.2016

Tom Breen & Mike Kearns



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