St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
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Month of August/September 2016

Sunday 28th b Thursday 1st September



Melba & Oscar Fernandes (Wellbeing) (Edna & Iggy Pereira)

All Parishioners



Betty Murray (RIP) (Mark & Wilma)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 29th

Friday 2nd



Morning Prayers

Lorraine D’Souza (Thanks-giving) (Helen & Vincent D’Souza)


Wyn Bukcher (RIP) (Nuala Shea)

Tuesday 30th

Saturday 3rd


Ernald Harrison (RIP) (Angela Harrison & Geraldine Newton)



William Tierney (RIP) (Sean & Anne Gallogly)

Helen Walsh (RIP) (Phil Sheahan)

Wednesday 31st Sunday 4th


Eithne Bowman (RIP) (Joe Bowman & family)



Rose Samarasinhe (RIP)
(Desmond, Rukee Perera & family)

All Parishioners


First Reading: (Ecc 3:17-20; 28-29) – To find favour with God we should aim to be gentle in our day-to-day life. The greater the person, the greater should be their humility.

Second Reading: (Heb 12:18-19; 22-23). God’s city is beyond the senses. It is where the angles gather with the Church: everyone is treated like a first-born and a ‘citizen of heaven’. It is where God and Jesus dwell with the saints.

The Gospel: (Lk 14:1; 714). Jesus taught that his followers are to follow the path of humility. When they hold a party they should invite the poor, crippled, lame and blind. They cannot repay you but you will be repaid in the Kingdom.


Responsorial Psalm: In your goodness, O God, you prepared a home for the poor.

It is by means of ravenous appetite of the youthful heart that the gospel enters:

Pope Francis, as adroit with the young as John Paul, asked the tender pilgrims to Krakow to tap into their restlessness, their inability to settle for what life is offering them. It is by means of ravenous appetite of the youthful heart that the gospel enters. Jesus offers, after all, not death but abundant life, and it is with the promise of endless life that he invites us t o take that one-way trip. – Carmody Grey a doctoral student in theology at the University of Bristol.

Fr. John's 80th Birthday (4th September 1936)

We are hoping that you will join us to celebrate this milestone with Fr John, on SEPTEMBER 10th at 18:00.
If you would like to bring a dish or two for the ‘get together’ in the hall after Mass could you add your name to the list and include the dish or dishes you will contribute.

If you feel you have any other ‘gifts’ to contribute i.e. you play a musical instrument, you can sing and would be happy to help create a choir or be a part of the choir. If you would like to ‘serve’ at the Mass or provide entertainment for the ‘get together’ please let Jacquie know on 07952247937 or leave a message on the presbytary phone.




General Notices

Opening Number

First there was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, then Jesus Christ Superstar; now a musical about Mother Teresa will be performed to celebrate her canonisation on the 4th of September.
The show, called Madre Teresa: il Musical, will be performed at a “feast for the poor”, one of the opening events for the canonisation.
According to the programme, the feast, to be held in Rome, is exclusively for “the Missionaries of Charity family and the poor under their care”.
The musical was composed by Michele Paulicelli, whose professional break-through work was a musical about St. Francis, for which he wrote most of the musical and played the saint.

The composer has also produced Joan of Arc: the Musical and a CD about the life and miracles of St. Benedict. Madre Teresa: il Musical toured from 2002 to 2004.




Parish Faith and Culture Day, Change of date
Sunday 16th October 2016

Our parish EVANGELISATION group met as arranged on Thursday to plan for the day.  They appeal to all parishioners to get involved to make the occasion even better than last year.  The success of any parish event depends on the co-operation of all.  It is never a question of ‘allowing something to happen’ it is about working TOGETHER to make it HAPPEN.  So, over to all parishioners, get involved through FOOD, NATIONAL DRESS, MUSIC, HYMNS, SONGS, BIDDING PRAYERS etc, etc.




K.E.C. Race Night - Saturday 24th October

K.E.C. RACE NIGHT -On Saturday 24th September at 7.30pm in St. Thomas More Church hall.
Sponsors Needed: for each race and the Horses. 
To sponsor a Race   £25
To sponsor a Horse £5

Please give your full support. Any donations will be gladly appreciated. Money raised will be divided between Greenwich & Bexley Hospice and K.S.C.

For information contact TOM BREEN on 020 8303 7584 of JOHN HAINES on 01322 400627.

Rise in Catholic numbers

The number of British adults who identify as Christian has risen for the second year while the number who says they have no religion has declined.

Figures from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey, which consisted of interviews with 4,328 adults, showed that the number of Catholics rose from 8 per cent to 9 per cent last year, the level it was last at in 2002.
This caused the figure for Christians to rise from 43 per cent of the population to 44 per cent. This coincides with a slight fall in the number of those who identify themselves as having no religion, from 49 to 48 per cent last year.  This is the second year it has fallen. The decline of the so-called “nones” is most pronounced among the under 45s. The percentage of adult members of religions other than Christianity has remained at 8 per cent. 

Ian Simpson, senior researcher at NatCen, said: “It appears that the steady decline of religion in Britian has come to a halt, at least for now.”




St. Thomas More Club Presents (Free)

29th August – BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY at 20.45
Music by Gerry Kelly
Children welcome. Bring your own nibbles. Please give your support.

7th October FRIDAY NIGHT Entertainment
Music by Duck Soup
Bring your own nibbles

4th November MANDY AND ME

2nd December - ELEVATIONS




Women's Wednesday Club

For information contact Mary Kearns: 0208 304 2456




Friday Night Entertainment

2nd September: Music by Martin Charles



Mass attendence on 28th August 2016:

Counters - 04.09.2016

Hugh Willan & Joe Bowman.