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Month of July 2016

Sunday 10th b Thursday 14th



Wellbeing of Rita & Roy Carrier

All Parishioners



Funeral mass of PATRICK ‘Paraic’ JOSEPH MULKERRIN, followed by burial at Hillview Cemetery at 11.30

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 11th - St. Benedict, Abbot Patron of Europe

Friday 15th - St. Bonaventure, Priest & Doctor



Morning Prayers

Thanksgiving for family, friends and parishioners of the Reynolds family


Wellbeing of Theresa Martin (Eileen Budd)

Tuesday 12th

Saturday 16th- Our Lady of Mount Carmel


Deceased members of Castanha family (Rose Castanha)



Holy Souls

All Parishioners

Wednesday 13th Sunday 17th


Requiem Mass on NINA FRANZ, followed by cremation at Falcon Wood. Her body will be received into the church on   Tuesday at 19.00.



Wellbeing of Pamela & Val Da Gama
(Ignatius & Edna Pereira)

Claire Wells (RIP) (Jackie Wells)


First Reading: (Deut 30:10-14): Moses exhorts the Israelites about to enter Canaan to return to the Lord with all their hearts and minds by keeping all the commandments of the Torah, as the condition of their future prosperity.

Second Reading: (Col 1:15-20): Paul describes Jesus, the Father’s beloved Son, as the image of the invisible God, the first-born of creation, and the Church as his body.

The Gospel: (Lk 10:25-37): In answer to the question ‘who is my neighbour’ Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan illustrating that the ‘neighbour’ is anyone who makes himself ‘near’ to those in need by active caring.


Responsorial Psalm: Seek the Lord, you who are poor, and your hearts will revive.

Our Parish BBQ - July 16th

This is the last Sunday, when Bob & Kath will be in the Porch after masses to receive from parishioners any donations, sponsorships, Raffle prizes and any help you can give to make the occasion once again a very good parish event. Any proceeds will go to our local hospice. Thank-you.

God's love-Pledge

Belief in the Resurrection involves more than a unique physical event. It needs a wavelength of the heart, not just an objective inquiry of the data. We love best when we know ourselves loved. And the Resurrection of Jesus is God’s love-pledge to us. It opens a totally different perspective on life and death. It is the ultimate sign that God is always a God of life and always an enemy of death. It offers an explosive new image of who we are and where we are going. – Michael Paul Gallagher SJ.



Patience takes root when I recognise that other people also have a right to live in this world, just as they are. It does not matter if they hold me back, if they unsettle my plans, or annoy me by the way they act or think, of if they are not everything I want them to be. Love always has an aspect of deep compassion that leads to accepting the other person as part of this world, even when he or she acts differently than I would like.  Pope Francis.




General Notices

No Lunch Club on Thursdays 2016

21st July
28th July
4th August

The lunch club starts again on 11th August.




Ascending with christ to new heights
our lady of the angels catholic church

A course aimed to empower us on our Journey of growing in love and bring healing into our relationships. See poster in porch.




Readers' Guide - July - Sept

Now available in the Sacristy.  Make sure you take your copy. Thanks for your ministry.




Women's Wednesday Club

  13th July at 19.30 Social evening and book exchange.
  27th July

Visit Tyburn Shrine, Meet at Bexleyheath station at 11.00





Friday Night Entertainment

5th August: Music by George James
2nd September: Music by Martin Charles




Sea Sunday appeal on july 16th & 17th

We might never have met a seafarer, but they have a big impact on our lives. Your cooker at home, the oranges you buy in the supermarket, and the petrol you put in your car – all of these have been brought to this country by ship. In fact 95% of everything we use comes to us by sea. Seafarers do so much for you: how can you be a good neighbour to the.
Through many gestures, as well as dealing with major tragedies, Apostleship of the Sea has been acting as a good neighbour to seafarers on your behalf. They rely on the support of Catholic parishes to continue this vital work. This collection (on 16th and 17th July) is your opportunity to make a small gesture that will make a big difference to the life of seafarers.
Please also keep them in your prayers and consider leaving a gift in your Will.

If you are a tax payer do also complete a gift aid envelope so that the charity can reclaim tax on this gift.




TRIDENT – continued from last week: A promise made ‘in good faith’

The British government promised in 1968 to negotiate ‘in good faith’ the complete elimination of its nuclear weapons. It gave an ‘unequivocal undertaking’ in 2010 that it was still committed to fulfilling this promise. And yet the K continues year after year to vote against nuclear disarmament initiatives at the UN and has so far refused to put its own nuclear weapons up for negotiations. In 2015, the UK, together with the US and Canada, shamefully blocked the final agreement reached by 185 other countries at the Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference, and in 2016 it has been boycotting the UN working group which is meeting specifically to find ways to move forward on multilateral disarmament.

As Christians, we believe we need to be as good as our word. When we make promises to other countries we should stick by them. We cannot be saying one thing and doing the opposite. The UK has moral, as well as legal, obligations that commit it to a world without nuclear weapons. How does the renewal of Trident move us towards such a world?


We are probably “fed up” hearing the word. And sad because of the divisions arisen from it. How foster unity?

In 1964 Pope Paul VI proclaimed St. Benedict Patron Saint of Europe with the following words:

“Message of peace, moulder of union, teacher of civilisation, and above all herald of the religion of Christ and founder of monastic life in the West: these are the proper titles of exaltation given to St. Benedict, Abbot. At the fall of the crumbling Roman Empire, while some regions of Europe seemed to have fallen into darkness and others remained as yet devoid of civilisation and spiritual values, he it was who, by constant and assiduous effort, brought to birth the dawn of a new era. It was principally he and his sons, who with the cross, the book and the plough, carried Christian progress to scattered peoples from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, from Ireland to the plains of Poland.... He cemented that spiritual unity in Europe.

Perhaps our leaders might pray in the words of St. Benedict.

Gracious and holy Father, please give me: intellect to understand you: reason to discern you; diligence to seek you, wisdom to find you; a spirit to know you; a heart to mediate upon you; ears to hear you; eyes to see you; a tongue to proclaim you; a way of live pleasing to you; patience to wait for you, and perseverance to look for you. Grant me: a perfect end, your holy presence. A blessed resurrection and life everlasting.  St Benedict.




SAMARITANS - Bexley & Dartford
We need your help

Do you have a few hours to spare on a weekly, two weekly or monthly basis?
Bexley & Dartford Samaritans run the snack bar in the Visits Hall in Belmarsh Prison. The proceeds from the sales help fund their branch.
The snack bar is a safe, secure environment where the families and friends of inmates are served. Training and support is provided and travelling expenses will be refunded.

To apply and for more information contact on phone 07761 604089 or





We are delighted to receive the wonderful sum of £679.16 that you so kindly sent. Your gift is helping to transom the lives of women and girls like Proscoviam who, through the work or our local Caritas partners in Uganda, has been able to go back to school and now hopes to finish her education and fulfil her potential. Thank-you Chris Funnell, Supporter Donations Manager




Alex D'Mello - Special Presentation

Alex D'Mello has been looking after the parish finances over the past 25 years, having taken over this important task in 1990. As a token of appreciation for his many years of dedicated service to the Parish a special presentation will be made to Alex on Saturday16th July at the Parish BBQ. All are very welcome to attend.




Year of mercy pilgrimage to aylesford

The special DAY is Sunday August 14th when the Feast of The Assumption will be celebrated. Parishioners have been invited to join our Parish Lourdes and Handicapped group at the Shrine. Please make your own way and join the group there for a shared picnic.



Mass attendence on 3rd July 2016: 473

Counters - 17.07.2016

Anne Burton & John Marsh