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Month of June/July 2016

Sunday 26th b Thursday 30th



Michelle Gallogly (RIP) (Anne & Sean Gallogly)

All Parishioners



Eddie Harding (RIP)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 27th

Friday 1st - July



Morning Prayers

Terence MaCavley (RIP) (Angela & Terry)


Trevlyn Pereira (RIP) (Fernandes family)

Tuesday 28th

Saturday 2nd


Frankie Lennon (RIP)



Eileen Battle (RIP) (Kath McGowan)

Wellbeing of  Eusebio, Patricia & Domnic

Wednesday 29th - St Peter & Paul - Apostles Sunday 3rd



Lou Campbell (RIP)

Tom Lavery (RIP) (Mae & Tom  McCormack)



Paddy Neary (RIP) (Spillane family)

All Parishioners


First Reading: (1Kings 19:16.19-21): The prophet Elijah was told by God to choose Elisha as his successor. Although Elisha is unwilling to go with the prophet without a proper farewell, he responds generously to Elijah’s call, sacrificing his oxen as a sign of farewell to his old life.

Second Reading: (Gal 5:1.13-18): Paul offers us today a declaration of Christian freedom. It is a call to discipleship, to a way of life in which we generously allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit.

The Gospel: (Lk 9:51-62): Jesus sets his face in the direction f Jerusalem. He knows that the hard days of his passion await him there, but he will be resolute; determine to fulfil God’s will wherever it leads.


Responsorial Psalm: O Lord, it is you who are my portion.

Parish First Holy Communion Celebration

Over the last two Sundays 33 children of our parish celebrated their receiving of Jesus in Holy Communion, for the first time. The same JESUS who welcomed them into His Church at their Baptism.  Our prayer is that they will continue to get to know and love Him in a fuller and deeper way as they gradually mature in their Catholic Faith with the support of their parents and us all.  He is THE CENTRE, THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE.

We thank our team of very dedicated flower arrangers, who beautified our Church for the celebrations. We must also thank Jacquie and catechists for their diligent preparation of the children.  The preparations take place nowadays in the parish not in school. That having been said St. Thomas More school is always very supportive of the children preparation especially their class teachers. The school’s support was also very much in evidence in the presence of Head Teacher Mrs. Colette Doran-Hannon and the members of staff at the celebrations.   Thanks again to all. OREMUS PRO INVICEM.


Our Parish Barbeque

For the next three Sundays Bob & Kath will be in the Porch after masses to receive from parishioners donations, sponsorships, Raffle prizes and any help you can give to make the occasion once again a very good parish event. Any proceeds will go to our local hospice. Thank-you.




General Notices

Catholic Children's Society

I am Dr. Rosemary Keenan. As you are aware, following the agreement of Archbishop Peter Smith we are gradually introducing our services to schools and parishes across your Archdioceses. Our CCS family is part f the Church’s family of families and in the manner described in Amoris Laetitia, we are constantly enriched both by the giving and receiving of those families we support and by those who support our work. We look t further develop our relationship with parishes, schools and families across the Archdiocese.

In January 2016 we launched a Crisis Fund to help children and families experiencing poverty within the Archdiocese of Southwark. This innovative and highly successful project which has already helped thousands of children and families across the Westminster diocese in recent years is already responding to applications from Southwark.

The Crisis Fund provides support to children and families identified by either a Parish Priest or Head teacher as being in immediate need. I would encourage you to make use of the fund to assist any family that you may already know to be in need and invite you to ask your parishioners’ to alert you to a family needing the help of the CCS family through the Crisis Fund.

To request our simple one page application form, which also explains the straightforward application process, simply contact us by email at – please note that this is the CCS Westminster email address or call on 020 8969 5305.




Ascending with christ to new heights
our lady of the angels catholic church

A course aimed to empower us on our Journey of growing in love and bring healing into our relationships. See poster in porch.




'Celebrating who i am, unique and beautifully designed'

People with disability at the Heart of the Church – Sunday 3rd July 2016 from 12noon to 4pm at The Friars, Aylesford ME20 7BX. Mass at 12noon. See poster in porch.




Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice,
Forthcoming Events

The Open Gardens Festival which will be held over two weekends in June. Garden owners in the boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley will be opening their gardens to the public to raise money for the Hospice.

  • The second event is the popular Coffee Mornings at the Hospice and this will be held on Saturday 2nd July.

For more details please see poster in the porch.




Electric Piano (Organ)

Available for FREE, but needs to be collected. If you are interested, contact Fr. John for details.




Bexley Deanery Retreat
30th September - 2nd October 2016

See poster in porch, booking forms available below, please return by Monday 20th June 2016.

Single              £142.00 per person
Sharing            £135.00 per person
Senior Citizen  £132.00 per person




Year of mercy pilgrimage to aylesford

The special DAY is Sunday August 14th when the Feast of The Assumption will be celebrated. Parishioners have been invited to join our Parish Lourdes and Handicapped group at the Shrine. Please make your own way and join the group there for a shared picnic.

Training evening for catechists:
First Holy communion/Confirmation - July 6th

This evening has been arranged as a follow up to the group meeting held on June 15th. Thanks to all who were present. If you did not attend for whatever reason and would wish to come to the above training evening you are most welcome. It will be at 7.30pm on July 6th in the Presbytery. See you there and thanks in advance.




Readers' Guide - July - sept

Now available in the Sacristy.  Make sure you take your copy. Thanks for your ministry.





Collette Adams and Emily Koltunicki, tow young ladies from our parish have volunteered to work with different charities in different parts of Africa in the coming months. They need to raise some money for the charities sponsoring them while paying their own way. If we can help them it would be great. They will introduce themselves at all masses in the next weeks. Congratulations to them on their spirit service. It is now up to us to do what we can.




Trident Briefing 2016

Later this year a decision will be made on the replacement of the British nuclear weapons system known as Trident. The Network of Christian Peace Organisations offers this briefing for use by individuals, organisations and churches in the lead-up to this decision. We believe this is a matter of faith and spirituality that speaks of how we live together in the world, how we see one another and how we understand security.

Trident consists of four submarines. The nuclear warheads on each submarine contain more destructive power than all the bombs dropped in World War II combined, including those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trident cannot protect us from 21st Century challenges such as terrorism, climate change, cyber war or global instability. By claiming to need a so called nuclear ‘deterrent’, the UK is inciting other countries to develop their won. A world with nuclear weapons is a much more dangerous place than a world without them.

The UK is committed by international treaties to negotiate ‘in good faith’ and ‘at an early ate’ the total elimination of its nuclear weapons.

For more information please see the poster in the porch to see WHAT YOU CAN DO.




Women's Wednesday Club

For information contact Mary Kearns: 0208 304 2456




Friday Night Entertainment

1st July: Music by Elevation





has written to me regarding free sales/lettings valuation offering 50% discount on sales/lettings fees. I resisted the offer/temptation.



Mass attendence on 19th June 2016: ?

Counters - 26.06.2016

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