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Month of June 2016

Sunday 19th b Thursday 23rd



Laurente & Felicidade D’Souza (RIP)
(Feliciano & Helen D’Souza)

All Parishioners



Margaret O’Sullivan (RIP) (Geraldine & Tom Headon)

St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 20th

Friday 24th - St. John the Baptist



Morning Prayers

Thanksgiving Bernie & Victor Fernandes


Rosalind D’Costa (RIP) (Muriel D’Souza)

Tuesday 21st

Saturday 25th


Tom Brady (RIP) (Nora Brady)



John Roome (RIP) (Phil Sheahan)

Damian Kirby (RIP) (Don & Sylvia Lonergan)

Wednesday 22nd - Sts John Fisher & Thomas More, Martyrs Sunday 26th


No 10:00 Mass Today



Michelle Gallogly (RIP) (Anne & Sean Gallogly)

All Parishioners


First Reading: (Zech 12:10-11, 13:1): The prophet Zechariah looks forward to a time of national renewal and change when God will pour out on his people a spirit of compassion and supplication.

Second Reading: (Gal3:26-29): Today’s reading from Galatians contains one of the great Christian statements of our equality through Baptism: there is no longer Jew and Greek, salve or free person, male or female – all that matters is that we are one in Christ.

The Gospel: (Lk 9:18-24): Jesus asks his disciple who they think he is and he then proceeds to instruct them on the suffering and death that awaits the Messiah.


Responsorial Psalm: Forgive Lord, the guilt of my sin.


Today 19 of our children will celebrate their First Holy Communion. It is a very special day for them and their families. We congratulate them and thank all who helped prepare them especially Sarah Burford, Apy Fernandes and Jacquie; Mila Goes for the beautiful cake and those that make our church look so beautiful, Pauline Lord and her team of floral decorators and Rebecca who tidies up after us all.

 Please continue to pray for them.

  Jirah Ram Ofori Ifeoluwa Ogunnaike  
  Mia Atkins Cara Pescatore  
  Rian Tye Samuel Holt  
  Althea Kassi Hilda Baldgun  
  Thando Katsekera Lucy McDonnell  
  Christopher Fernandes Madison Martins  
  Marion Mitambo Gene Waitson  
  Orla Smith Shenali Perera  
  Dylan Young Rose Cunningham  
Melchior Kamande


Wishing all Fathers a Happy Father's Day!



General Notices

Advance Notice

The date of the Annual Lesness Abbey procession in honour of The Blessed Sacrament is on Sunday 26th JUNE at 15.00 in the Abbey grounds.




Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice,
Forthcoming Events

  • The Open Gardens Festival which will be held over two weekends in June. Garden owners in the boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley will be opening their gardens to the public to raise money for the Hospice.
  • The second event is the popular Coffee Mornings at the Hospice and this will be held on Saturday 2nd July.

For more details please see poster in the porch.




Electric Piano (Organ)

Available for FREE, but needs to be collected. If you are interested, contact Fr. John for details.




Bexley Deanery Retreat
30th September - 2nd October 2016

See poster in porch, booking forms available below, please return by Monday 20th June 2016.

Single              £142.00 per person
Sharing            £135.00 per person
Senior Citizen  £132.00 per person




Year of mercy pilgrimage to aylesford

The special DAY is Sunday August 14th when the Feast of The Assumption will be celebrated. Parishioners have been invited to join our Parish Lourdes and Handicapped group at the Shrine. Please make your own way and join the group there for a shared picnic.




The Tablet Magazine

Please note this weekend is the last of the free copies offer. If you wish to place an order for the weekly magazine please speak to Fr. John




Day for Life: Sunday 9th June

This year the Day of Life focuses on the wonder of the gift of human life and the gift of our common home which is God’s creation. It provides an opportunity for us to think about the connections and relationships between people and the earth which we inhabit. Today tragically, men, women and children are sometimes viewed as commodities which can be bought and sold. As Pope Francis has powerfully articulated in LAUDATO SI, there is a real need to rediscover a spirit of wonder and awe at the gift of human life so that all life may be properly respected and a new heart created for the home in which we live. This will be a helpful focus towards our reflections and teaching next year when we will remember the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act in this country.  All parishioners are urged to support the crucial work of DAY FOR LIFE by their generosity to the collection which is taking place today. This enables the Church to fund the Anscombe Bioethics Centre (Formally the Linacre Centre), as well as projects which work to protect life at every stage and in every condition. Please visit and encourage others to visit www.dayforlife.orh and take the Day For Life card as you leave Mass.

Ascending with christ to new heights
our lady of the angels catholic church

A course aimed to empower us on our Journey of growing in love and bring healing into our relationships. See poster in porch.




Refugee's First Communion

On Friday last week, the first of three rounds of displaced Iraqi children made their First Communion in a refugee camp in Erbil. Out of the 5,500 people living in Erbil’s Aishty 2 camp for the displaced, the majority – more than 2,000 – are children. Of these, 470 are making their First Communion in three different groups between 27 May and 10 June. All of the children are from the Syriac-Catholic rite, and most fled the city of Qaraqosh, Iraq, with their families when Islamic State terrorists attacked on the night of 6 August 2014. Syriac-Catholics have now been left without any official diocese or headquarters. Residing in a largely Chaldean-dominated Erbil, they have been welcomed by the local Church.




St Thomas more School

See the display of children’s work in the porch. You will notice that it is of a very high quality. Congratulations to the staff and children.

Looking Forward: On the feast of St Thomas More, June 22nd the school will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The Mass hopefully will be in the open air, depending on the weather of course.

It might be Archbishop Peter, it won’t be Bishop Pat, it could be Bishop Paul. It seems the Bishops are all over the place at the moment, of course meaning they are all purposely engaged. When all fruits fail we welcome haws so I may have to don the MITRE.




CAFOD - Thank You

Chris Funnell, Supporter Donations Manager wishes to extend his warmest thanks to everyone at St Thomas More for your generous support. Your gift will support people like Lemukola from Uganda, whose wife became ill with Hepatitis E, after drinking river water.
Thanks to donations from CAFOD supporters like you, our partner organisation Caritas Moroto were able to repair a broken borehole in Lemukola’s village. They also trained local mechanics how to fix the pump should it break down again, so no-one in the village has to drink dirty water.
Lemukola says: “When the borehole was mended, life changed. Now we can get water whenever we want and the spread of diseases has stopped. We can bathe, cook, water the animals and wash clothes whenever we want. It feels good to have safe water so near.”

Thank you for sharing the gifts of God’s Earth with our brothers and sisters.




In or Out

As decision day comes closer, may be a little background picture might be helpful. See the free handout leaflet in the porch which always has useful information on CAFOD.




Women's Wednesday Club

For information contact Mary Kearns: 0208 304 2456




Friday Night Entertainment

1st July: Music by Elevation
5th August: Music by George James
2nd September: Music by Martin Charles.


Mass attendence on 12th June 2016: 478

Counters - 19.06.2016

Claude L’Olive & Dorothy Nikoi