St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
Fr. John O'Donoghue 420a Long Lane, Bexleyheath, DA7 5JW (T: 020-8303 2189)



Month of April 2016

Sunday 17th - 4th Sunday of Easter - Day of Prayer for Vocations b Thursday 21st



Margaret Wells (RIP) (Jackie Wells)

All Parishioners


Peg O’Sullivan (RIP) (Kevin & Denis Sullivan)

Monday 18th

Friday 22nd



Morning Prayers

Freddy Dillane (RIP) (Caheny Family)


Damian Kirby (RIP) (Nuala Shea)

Tuesday 19th

Saturday 23rd - St.George, Martyr Patron of England


Bella Vaz (RIP, 1st anniversary) (Bella’s family)



Paddy Malone (Wellbeing) (Mr & Mrs. Ignatius Pereira)

Deceased members of the Fernandes Family
(Vanessa Fernandes)

Wednesday 20th Sunday 24th - 5th Sunday of Easter


Sebastian Jobin (RIP) (Seema)



Alvira Almedia (Wellbeing) (Mr & Mrs. Ignatius Pereira)

All Parishioners


First Reading:  (Acts 13:14, 43-52):  Paul and Barnabas urge those who responded to the gospel to remain faithful to the grace that God has given them.    

Second Reading: (Apoc. 7.9, 14-17): John the seer has a vision of all those who have remained faithful even to death enjoying the blessings of eternal life.

The Gospel: (Jn 21:1-19): Jesus, the Good Shepherd, calls his disciples to listen to him and to follow him so that he can lead them to eternal life.

Responsorial Psalm: We are his people, the sheep of his flock.


General Notices

The Parish Council

As announced last week the Parish Council will meet on Thursday 21st April. The following issues will be on the agenda:

a) The renewal of the church windows: They are known as CRITTALL windows. Fortunately they are still manufactured. Some questions  - should they be single or double glazed? should they have a protective sheet? If double glazed, will there be a loss of light? How best ventilate? Finally, what is our budget limit, and how to finance the project?

b) Year of Mercy banner:  Can it find a permanent ‘house’ in our church, instead of being rolled up in a cupboard! In the porch or elsewhere? Should it be framed and glazed?

c) Renewal of church downpipes: Are they asbestos? If so, should they be left as they are? The concrete gutters are leaking, renew or repair? The Budget?




St. George's Dance

April 23rd @ 8pm ‘til late. Music by ELEVATION. Tickets: £7.50, Sausage & Chips incl. St Thomas More Church Hall, Long Lane, Bexleyheath DA7 5JW.




Women's Lunch Club

For information contact Mary Kearns:  0208 304 2456.




Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice
Spring Coffee morning

Saturday 23rd April from 10am to 1pm at 185 Bostall Hill, Abbey Wood, SE2 0GB. Free entry and free parking.




Reflection Time
Wednesday 20th April.

Now that we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus from death but continue to live in its glow perhaps it is the right time to reflect on our Parish Mini Mission, especially as we don’t live in a reflective society.
Life seems to be one experience after another with no breathing space to reflect on and make sense of what we experience. Was it Mark Twain who is alleged to have said, ‘Life is one damned thing after another’? But back to our Parish Mini Mission.  What was it like for you? Was it good for our Parish? What about the content and its presentation? Did you feel there was something missing and what was it? Should we have a repeat? The cost to the parish was £1,000/-. Value for money or are funds wasted or money that should have been given to the poor? Why did you come? Why did you not come?

Fr. John invited you to meet with others in the presbytery at 19.30pm on Wednesday 20th April. Perhaps we might also reflect on our Parish Easter celebrations. Do come along. Your input is important. Thank-you.




The Pilgrim - Diocesan Paper

We get 10 copies each month. Few are TAKEN. Should we cancel? There is a cost to the parish. Another waste of money? Copies are for FREE. Please take one but not to please the Parish priest.

Renewal Day for Extra-ordinary Ministers of The Eucharist

We are hosting the DAY for the Deanery. On Saturday April 30th. It will commence with Mass at 11.00, followed by the first session in the hall. Then there will a lunch break. Please bring packed lunch. Tea and coffee available. The post lunch session will end at 15.00. The day will be led by PIER FINALDI, from the Diocesan Centre for Catholic Formation. Parish Ministers please make a special effort to be present. Thank-you.




Are you a Beginner

A beginner must look upon himself as making a garden, wherein our Lord may take his delight, but in a soil unfruitful and abounding in weeds. He roots up the weeds, and sets good plants in their place. We have then, as good gardeners, by the help of God to see that the  plants grow, to water them carefully that they may not die.

Teresa of Avila.




Funeral Announcements

Late Fred Cannon

Required mass at St. David’s Church, Finchale Road, Abbey Wood Estate on Wednesday April  27th at 9.30am. Fred was the caretaker at St. Thomas and Becket primary School, for a good number of years, so parents and former students may wish to be present.

On a personal note, Fred introduced me to the
cockney language. May he rest in peace.


Late Janet Margaret Saunders

Funeral on May 3rd at 11.00am, followed by cremation at Kemnal Park at 12.30.




Thoughts for the week

  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big     difference.
  • Every sunrise is a second chance.
  • By other’s faults the wise correct their own.




A question

 As a parishioner would you be willing to receive some training to be a catechist/helper in preparing children for their First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation? Please give names to Fr. John or Jacquie.





It has been suggested that we have a parish day pilgrimage to Aylesford Shrine for the Year of Mercy. Any thoughts?





Mass attendence on 10th April 2016: 428

Counters - 17.04.2016

Tom Breen & Mike Kearns