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Month of April 2016

Sunday 10th - 3rd Sunday of Easter b Thursday 14th



Anastasia Dias (Wellbeing) (Appy & Tony Fernandes)

All Parishioners


David Wallace (RIP) (John & Ann Fanthome)

Monday 11th - Annunciation

Friday 15th



Morning Prayers

Eileen Gallagher (RIP) (Phil Sheahan)


Annie Mullen (Maureen Mulkerin)

Tuesday 12th

Saturday 16th - St.Bernadette Soubirous


Alice Meager (RIP) (Margaret Williams)



Vera Miller (Wellbeing)

Thanks giving James, Elton & Mathew (Muriel D’Souza)

Wednesday 13th Sunday 17th - 4tf Sunday of Easter (Day of prayer for vocations)


Kathleen Meehan (Eileen Budd)



Margaret Wells (RIP) (Jackie Wells)

All Parishioners


First Reading:  (Acts 5:27-32,40-41). Peter and the apostles declare to the high priest that it is the God who raised Jesus from the dead who is the supreme authority in their lives and not any human authority.    

Second Reading: (Apoc. 5:11-14). A great hymn of praise from those in heaven and all of creation goes up before the throne of God because of what God is doing in the world through his Son.

The Gospel: (Jn 21:1-19). The risen Lord stands by his disciples in their time of failure. He enters into communion with them and calls Peter to a renewed love of the Lord and the pastoral care of the Lord’s disciples.

Responsorial Psalm: I will praise you Lord, you have rescued me.


Sayings of St. Teresa of Avila 1515-1582.

“If the heart can maintain serenity, joy and peace in the midst of adversity – that is love”.
“More tears are shed over answered prayers than over unanswered ones”.
“Let nothing disturb you: let nothing affright you: all things pass; God never changes; patience achieves everything.”
“Even virtues should not be taken to extremes.”
“From sour-faced saints and silly devotions, Lord, preserve us.”
“Sadness and gloom have no place in any house of mine.”
“I do not fear Satan half as much as I fear those who fear Satan.”


General Notices

The Co-Workers of Blessed Mother Teresa

A coffee morning in the church hall this Sunday 10th April, following the 09.00 mass. Please come and support them




Women's Lunch Club

For information contact Mary Kearns:  0208 304 2456.




Refelction Time

Now that we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus from death but continue to live in its glow perhaps it is the right time to reflect on our Parish Mini Mission, especially as we don’t live in a reflective society.
Life seems to be one experience after another with no breathing space to reflect on and make sense of what we experience. Was it Mark Twain who is alleged to have said, ‘Life is one damned thing after another’? But back to our Parish Mini Mission.  What was it like for you? Was it good for our Parish? What about the content and its presentation? Did you feel there was something missing and what was it? Should we have a repeat? The cost to the parish was £1,000/-. Value for money or are funds wasted or money that should have been given to the poor? Why did you come? Why did you not come?

Fr. John invited you to meet with others in the presbytery at 19.30 on Wednesday 20th April. Perhaps we might also reflect on our Parish Easter celebrations. Do come along. Your input is important. Thank-you.




A Question

As a parishioner would you be willing to receive some training to be a catechist/helper in preparing children for their First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation? Please give names to Fr. John or Jacquie.




The Pilgrim - Diocesan Paper

We get 10 copies each month. Few are TAKEN. Should we cancel? There is a cost to the parish. Another waste of money? Copies are for FREE. Please take one but not to please the Parish priest.




Guide for Readers

Readers please collect your guide from the sacristy, if not already done so.

The Good Counsel Network

The 13th January 2016 saw the 19th Anniversary of the founding of The Good Counsel Network. Thousands and thousands of abortion-bound mums have been reached over these years and have been helped to keep their babies, through our work, God’s grace and your support. We now know of babies whose lives we helped to save who are about to start university!

Today at the Counselling Centre we were able to give a young mum a last bit of financial support to help her clear an outstanding bill before she starts work. We met her last year on her way for an abortion. She was aborting because she felt that she could not cope with finishing her studies whist being pregnant, or cope with the baby. We were able to help her because of your donations.

The other young mum-to-be that I saw today, is married, a few weeks pregnant, her husband is very happy about the pregnancy, but this morning she met one of our counsellors outside an abortion centre. A while ago she and her husband argued, she went to stay with friends that night. She did something “silly” (her words) and so she is not sure if it is her husband’s baby. If she had had the abortion today, she planned to tell him that she had lost the baby. As I write this she has changed her mind and is planning to keep the baby, but while she is happy about this, she still has much anguish over ‘one moment of madness’.

We are only able to be there to support these mums and help save their babies’ lives as long as you continue to donate towards the work. Many of the mothers that we help risk a lot for their child, please be generous with your prayers and donations to support them in saving their children from abortion.

PO Box 46679, London, NW9 8ZT
Tel: 020 7723 1740.

Email: info@goodcounselnetwork.com




Funeral Announcement

Janet Margaret Saunders RIP. Funeral on May 3rd at 11.00a followed by cremation at Kemnal Park at 12.30.




Gift Aid Declaration Forms

Those of you who were inquiring about the Gift Aid declarations forms, please collect/see Blasco or Fr. John after the Sunday masses. The forms are available in the porch.





It has been suggested that we have a parish day pilgrimage to Aylesford Shrine for the Year of Mercy. Any thoughts?


Mass attendence on 3rd April 2016: 364

Counters - 10.04.2016

Hugh Willan & Dorothy Nikoi.