St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
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Month of November 2015

Sunday 29th November - First Sunday of Advent b

Thursday 3rd - St. Francis Xavier



Vera Martins ( Mr & Mrs. Iggie Pereira)

All Parishioners



Sebastian & Irene Martyers (RIP) (Muriel D’Souza)

St Thomas More Church Lunch Club

Monday 30th - St. Andrew the apostle

Friday 4th



Morning prayer

Deceased members of Fanthome family (John & Ann Fanthome)


Bridie Gallagher (RIP) (Cathy & Jerry Dipre)

Teusday 1st

Saturday 5th


Jim Conroy (RIP) (Ann Conroy)




Mary Bridget Flynn


Theo D’Lima (RIP) (Helen & Vinci D’Souza)

Wednesday 2nd Sunday 6th - Second Sunday of Advent b_14_14


Don Lonergan (Wellbeing) (Sylvia Lonergan)



All Parishioners

John Asuen (thanks giving) (Bisi Asuen)


Sunday 29th November - First Sunday of Advent b_20_20
Month of the Holy Souls


First Reading (Jer 33:14-16). Jeremiah predicts the imminent destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and the exile of its people. However, he still retains hope for the future. He believes that God will bring Israel a King from David’s line.

Second Reading (1 Thess 3:12-2:2). Despite his great longing to revisit the church in Thessalonica Paul has been unable to do so. He was encouraged, though, to learn from Timothy that the Christians there were continuing to grow in faith and in love.

Gospel (Lk 21:25-28, 34-36): Jesus has just warned his disciples that armies would devastate Jerusalem and completely destroy the Temple. He now warns them to be on their guard and ready for the signs that will signal the coming of the Son of Man.



Sunday 29th November - Responsorial Psalm: To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

  • Senior Citizens Christmas Party - December 10th: Please collect your invitations from the porch. If you know of anybody who would like to come to that party, please let us know. Also if anybody needs transport to come to the party, please let us know.
  • Thursday Lunch Club, 3rd December - Christmas Lunch: No lunch club from 10th to 31st December 2015.The next Lunch club will start again on the 7th of January 2016.


General Notices




Welcome to Advent

The word comes from the Latin advenire, meaning ‘to come’. So we can speak of the advent of summer i.e. the coming of that season. When we use the word in our Church language, it has a special meaning i.e. the coming of the Lord. In the first instance it does NOT refer to Christmas. Although the Jewish people were anticipating the coming of The Messiah, they were thinking in terms of the FINAL TIME, the end time and when Christians prayed MARANATHA - COME LORD JESUS, they were not thinking of Christmas, Christ’s first coming but His second coming, at the end of TIME. They were waiting and praying for His second coming. Our ADVENT primarily gets us thinking and reflecting on that second coming of Jesus, at the end of time. It was in order that He would come again, that He came for the first time on the first Christmas Day.




St. Thomas More Club

Friday Night Entertainment on 4th December 2015. Music by Martin Charles from 20.45 to 23:00. Light refreshments will be provided. New members welcome.




Church Grounds

Now that Abigail and her sidekick Kate have come and gone and in the process have stripped our trees of their leafy clothing it seems a good time to have a CLEAN UP around our Church. Many hands make light work. Volunteers flex your muscles while enjoying the fresh air.




Ladies Wednesday Club

2nd December 19.30
9th December 14:00, Christmas Meal, Bexleyheath

For information: Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456.




Funeral Service for the late John William Mitchell

John William Mitchell, who died on the 18th of November 2015. The funeral will take place at St. Thomas More church at 10.45 followed by committal at Eltham Crematorium at 12.15. May he rest in peace. Our sympathies to the family.




Celebration of The sacrament of Confirmation 2016

The confirmation classes are taking on Wednesday evenings at 19.30 in the hall. The young people will be helping at the Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner.




The Co-Workers of Blessed Mother Teresa

On behalf of the Missionary of Charity and Co-workers of Blessed Mother Teresa: I wish to say a huge thank-you to all who contributed so generously to the Christmas Appeal for the homeless. As always the response surpassed all expectations. Thank you so much. Theresa Quirke.




Mother & Toddlers Group, St. Thomas More Hall

We have a Wednesday and Thursday group both in the mornings at 9.30 -11.30am. Presently there are vacancies in the Thursday group. For more information please ring Michelle on 07900-518 691.

St. Andrew's Invitation

Our fellow Christians at St. Andrew’s invite us to join them for their patronal feast day celebration on Sunday. The service (non Eucharistic) is at 5.30pm, lasting about 40 minutes and will be followed by a shared meal. If you intent to go let Fr. John know as we need to give notice of numbers for catering purposes. Thank-you.





The group met on Wednesday November 25th.  The overall feeling that our Parish Faith and Culture day on October 4th was good for our parish, as it brought people of different nationalities and cultures together, sharing faith and food in a relaxed informal way. We will meet again in January the 13th of plan how as a parish, we might celebrate the Year of Mercy and how we might further involve our parish community. See you in the New Year.




Year of Mercy

As you may already know, Pope Francis has announced a Year of Mercy, starting on December 8th this year ending on November 20th 2016, which is the feast of Christ the King. The Year of Mercy here in Bexley will be inaugurated at a Special Mass at St. Stephens, Welling, where all the priests of the Deanery will join Fr. Jim Spencer our Dean, in celebrating this mass. Parishioners from all parishes are invited and encouraged to participate in this mass. More information to follow.

There will be NO Mass at 10.00 at St Thomas More on the 8th of December.




The Father Francis Memorial/Endowment Fund

As we approach, the third anniversary of the death of Fr. Francis on 12th December 2015, we remember him with love and prayers. Prior to his unexpected death, he had expressed a desire to set up a foundation, to raise funds for the education of’ ‘Needy female students’, at Ejisu University, in Ghana, where he was Rector. He had suggested that we might assist him in what he called ‘his worthy cause’.
Following his death, the University set up the foundation, the purpose being to raise funds for the education of female students at the University and in memory of Fr. Francis. In collaboration with the University, our parish set up ‘The Fr. Francis Memorial/Endowment Fund’, to raise funds. We do this through having an envelope collection, around the time of the anniversary of his death each year, when parishioners can make a contribution. Through the envelope collection, in the past two years, you have collected the amazing amount of £6264/-.

Envelopes will be distributed at all masses on 29/30 November, to be returned on 5/6 December and 12/13 December. Through your generosity Fr. Francis’ dream, for the education of young girls at the Ejisu University is becoming a reality. (Please see notice board, Constitution Documents etc, re the distribution of the fund by Governing Body).  Thank-you from The Committee.




St. Thomas More Club
Christmas Dance - 19th December 2015

Music by George James from 20:00 to 23:00. Tickets £10.00 including a hot supper. Please book early. Contact Bob on 0208 304 7909.

New Years Eve Disco on 31st December 2015, Tickets £7 for adult and £2 for Child. For tickets contact Bob on 0208 304 7909.




Mass attendence on 22nd November 2015: 408

Counters - 06.12.2015

Tom Breen & Mick Kearns (Janette Cousins as observer)