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Month of July 2015

Sunday 12th -Sea Sunday b

Thursday 16th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast

09:00 .


All Parishioners

Carmelina Pinto (E Pinto & Family)




Herbert Borkett (RIP)

No Exposition Today

No Lunch Club Today

Monday 13th

Friday 17th



Morning prayer

P. M. Dias (RIP) (Ann, Marian, Andrew & Families)




No Mass Today

Requiem mass for late John O’Conner who died on 27th June 2015. Funeral at St Thomas More church at 12.00, followed by committal at Eltham Crematorium at 13.15.

Teusday 14th

Saturday 18th


John Ratcliff (RIP) (Ann & John Fanthome)




Louise McGrath (RIP)


Bella Vaz (RIP) (Ferdie & Blanche Rodrigues)

Wednesday 15th Sunday 19th - Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time b_14_14


Michael Toolan (RIP)



Leo Rocha (RIP) (G Pereira & Family)

Claire Wells (RIP) (David & Jackie Wells)


Sunday 12th July - Sea Sunday b_20_20


First Reading (Amos 7:12-15): The Lord sends a shepherd as a prophet to Israel and the people reject his word.

Second Reading (Ephesians 1:3-14): God chose us in the beginning for holiness and revealed the mystery of his purpose in Christ.

Gospel (Mark 6:7-13): Disciples embrace simplicity of life as they carry on the mission of Christ. They persist in the preaching of the gospel although their words will not always be accepted.



Sunday 12th July: Let us see, O Lord, your mercy and give us your saving help.


  • Sea Sunday: This Sunday is Sea Sunday, when the Church prays for all those who live and work at sea.  Without them we would not have most of the items we buy in the shops. Today’s second collection is for Apostleship of the Sea (AoS), the Church’s official maritime welfare agency. It supports seafarers both practically and spiritually. This annual collection is absolutely vital to enable it to continue its work, so please give generously  and remember seafarers in your prayers. Thank you.
  • Young People's Mass: 18.30 Mass on Saturday 18th July will be a Young People’s mass. We would very much like to hear from young people who would like to be involved in the readings or bidding prayers at the mass.


St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher

Saints Thomas More & John Fisher: Recently on June 22nd we celebrated their feast day. They were beatified in 1886 and canonised by Pope Pires XI in 1935. Below is a very short history of St. John Fisher:

John Fisher was born in 1469 in Yorkshire. He was ordinate as a priest and in 1504 he became Bishop of Rochester. He was very learned, and became Chancellor and Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University. He was also known for his piety and humility. On May 21st, 1535 he was appointed as a Cardinal. He opposed the divorce of Catherine of Aragon by Henry VIII and was tried for treason for denying that Henry was head of the Church. He was sentenced to death and was beheaded at the Tower of London on June 22nd, 1535, the eve of the feast day of St John the Baptist, his patron saint.




General Notices




The Co-Workers of Blessed Mother Teresa

The Co-workers of Blessed Mother Teresa: are holding their Coffee Morning in the church hall this Sunday, the 12th of July 2015, following the 09.00 mass. Please come and support them, all proceeds go to the London homeless people.




Bexley Deanery Retreat
25th-27th September at Aylesford Priory

Application forms are available in the porch. Also see the poster.




St Thomas More Club
Parish Charity Barbeque - 18th July at 19:30

Sponsors for Food, Donations, Raffle Prizes are needed. Please give your generous support for this very important event. All money raised will go to Bexley & Greenwich Hospice. Any enquires contact BOB on 020 8304 7909. We will be in the porch after weekend masses starting from 27th June, 4th and 11th July.




Ladies Wednesday Club

For information please contact: Mary Kearns on 0208 304 2456.




Sick and Retired Priests Support Fund

Thank you for filling in the cards given to you at mass last Sunday. If you took home your card please hand it in today. Thank you.




Before, During and After Mass

I don’t wish to cause offence to anybody but I seem to notice a tendency to talk/chat in the church before mass. So as guideline/rule of thumb, I suggest the following:

Before mass – speak to God
During mass – allow God to speak to you
After mass – speak to one another




Parish Faith & Culture Day - Sunday 4th October 2015

Fr John and the EVAN group would very much welcome ideas and thoughts, suggestions on any aspect of the DAY. Also because we are arranging a history of our parish in picture form, we would welcome loads of photographs you may have for display on the understanding that they be returned to you intact. Thank-you.




A Gardeners's Reflection

First look at the weeds, weed out gossip, weed out laziness, weed out indifference and weed out pride. (to continue next week).



Assisted Dying Bill

Coming before Parliament on September 11th 2015. As a  follow up to the information given in last week’s news letter please read and ponder the following:

Seven Key points against assisted dying

Doctors are against assistant dying:
GPs in the UK have said that they do not want assisted suicide to be made legal.
How do we know this?
In 2013 the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) consulted its members throughout the UK on assisted dying.

  • 77% said the RCGP should oppose a change in the law to allow assisted dying
  • 18% favoured the RCGP moving to a neutral position, and
  • 15% wanted to change the law.

The survey showed that over three quarters of UK GPs oppose assisted dying.
GPs who responded to the consultation gave a number of reasons for their opposition to assisted dying. They said that a change in the law;

  • Would make patients afraid of their doctor.
  • Would make vulnerable patients most at risk from assisted dying. Some GPs said that they regarded protecting the vulnerable as one of their major responsibilities.
  • Would mean less focus on investment in palliative care.
  • Would become like abortion legislation, which started as something for extreme circumstances and is now effectively on demand.
  • Would lead to patients being pressurised into choosing death and that the “right to die” could quickly become “a duly to die”.
  • Would make it impossible to tell the real reason why patients decided to end their lives, because illness can cause people to become depressed and frightened.

    Some GPs who responded to the consultation said that they would feel forced to resign if assisted dying was made law.





Pro Life News

Copies in the porch. Please take one, they are free.




Sunday Readers

Please collect your GUIDE from the sacristy. Fr John apologies that it was not available last week end.




Sofa Bed to go

Please contact Ann Pike on 0208 306 9109





It is in place because the concrete cross on the highest point of our church is in need to repair. A lightening conductor needs to be installed and attention given  to the polycarbonate shield protecting St Thomas More’s stained glass window.


Mass attendence on 5th July 2015: 430

Counters - 19.07.2015

Hugh Willan & Joe Bowman