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Month of July 2015

Sunday 5th - 14th Sunday in Ordinary TIme b

Thursday 9th

09:00 .



Fr Victor Rocha (RIP) (G. Pereira & Family)

Mary Brady (RIP) (The Brady family)

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St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 6th

Friday 10th



Morning prayer

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Teusday 7th

Saturday 11th


May Hannigan (RIP) (Doris Murphy)




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Bella Vaz (RIP) (Alex & Milita)

Wednesday 8th Sunday 12th - Sea Sunday b_14_14


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All Parishioners

Carmelina Pinto (E Pinto & Family)


Sunday 5th July - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time b_20_20


First Reading (Ezek 2:2-5): God sends his prophet to his people even though they are rebellious and do not want to listen.

Second Reading (2 Cor. 12:7-10): A little bit of Paul’s personal story with God. God will not try us beyond our strengths. With his help our very weakness can become a grace.

Gospel (Mk 6:1-6): How to miss a prophet. The locals in Nazareth won’t accept Christ, because he’s from Nazareth too.



Sunday 5th July: Our eyes are on the Lord till be show us his mercy.


  • Welcome: There is still a lot of room on the display area for expressions of the word WELCOME in our different national languages and cultures. So do ‘post’ yours, indicating which it is. By the way thanks for the new arrivals.
  • Lesness Abbey: The annual Lesness Abbey Procession of the Blessed Sacrament takes place on 28th June 2015. Gather at 15:00. See poster in porch for more details.
  • Note: Please note that on the 6th, 7th and 8th the daily mass will be at 09.30 and on 9th, 10th and 11th morning, there is no mass since Fr. John is away in Ireland attending the funeral of Fr. Naughton.
  • Note: Today is Sea Sunday, when the Church prays for all those who live and work at sea. There will be a second collect for Apostleship of the Sea, the official maritime welfare agency of the Catholic Church in Great Britain. It provides practical and spiritual support to seafarers visiting our ports. Please give generously to support its important work.



Saints Thomas More & John Fisher: Recently on June 22nd we celebrated their feast day. They were beatified in 1886 and canonised by Pope Pires XI in 1935. Below is a very short history of St Thomas More. St. John Fisher next week:

Thomas More was born in 1478. He trained as a lawyer, and was one of the greatest scholars of his age and left a large body of writing. He was married with a family. He entered parliament and became Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII, making him one of the most important statesmen in the realm. He opposed Henry’s divorce of his first wife and also his self-appointment as head of the Church. He was tried for treason and on being found guilty was sentenced to beheading. He was executed at the Tower of London on July 6th, 1535.




General Notices




Bexley Deanery Retreat
25th-27th September at Aylesford Priory

Application forms are available in the porch. Also see the poster.




St Thomas More Club
Parish Charity Barbeque - 18th July at 19:30

Sponsors for Food, Donations, Raffle Prizes are needed. Please give your generous support for this very important event. All money raised will go to Bexley & Greenwich Hospice. Any enquires contact BOB on 020 8304 7909. We will be in the porch after weekend masses starting from 27th June, 4th and 11th July.




Ladies Wednesday Club

For information please contact: Mary Kearns on 0208 304 2456.




Sick and Retired Priests Support Fund

Next Sunday as you come into mass each adult will be handed a card. You are politely requested to fill in the card and place in the box in the porch as you leave. However, if you cannot do so, please take it home, complete it and bring back the following Sunday. All who complete the cards will in due course receive an invitation to attend an information meeting about the FUND. Thank you for your interest.




Disappointing? Yes, Very

What? The response to our Readers meeting. Three people attended. One apologised for not being able to be present. Where do we go from here? Any suggestions?




Parish Faith & Culture Day - Sunday 4th October 2015

Fr John and the EVAN group would very much welcome ideas and thoughts, suggestions on any aspect of the DAY. Also because we are arranging a history of our parish in picture form, we would welcome loads of photographs you may have for display on the understanding that they be returned to you intact. Thank-you.

Assisted Dying Bill

On September 11th 2015 there will be a vote in Parliament on Rob Marris’s assisted dying bill. Just to put ourselves in the picture about the language and terms used around the issue please read the following under the heading ‘what do the words really mean?

Assisted dying” is commonly used to describe a doctor giving a lethal drug to people so that they can take their own lives. The term “assisted dying” has been coined by those who want to make this practice legal.
Assisted dying” and “assisted suicide” mean the same thing. The word “suicide” sounds negative and as one commentator has said: “assisted suicide proponents found that the word ‘suicide’ was deadly to their cause.”
After 23 years of failed attempts to legalise assisted suicide in California, the words “End of Life Option” were chosen for its latest bill. This was done to make the public think positively about doctors prescribing a poisonous lethal dose so that vulnerable people can kill themselves.
Euthanasia is where the doctor, for example, injects the lethal dose into the patient.
Involuntary euthanasia refers to a situation where the patient has the capacity to give consent, but has not done so.

Non-Voluntary euthanasia is when a person is unable to give consent, for example due to dementia or a coma.





To anyone who has tried to contact me on our presbytery telephone for it has being out of service for a number of days. Virgin have repaired the line so we can be in touch again.




The Knots Prayer

Dear God,

Please untie the ‘knots’ that are in my mind, my heart and my life.
Remove the have not, the can not and the do not, that I have in my mind.
Erase the will not, may not and might not that may find a home in my heart. Release me from the could not, would not and should not, that obstruct my life.

And most of all dear God, I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart and my life all the am not’s that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that I am not good enough. Amen. (Author unknown)


Mass attendence on 8th June 2015: 389

Counters - 12.07.2015

Caroline Walters and Melissa Goes