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Month of June / July 2015

Sunday 28th - Feast day of St Peter & Paul, Apostles b

Thursday 2nd

09:00 .


All Parishioners

Anne & Michael Caulfield -thanksgiving




May Hannegan (RIP) (Elizabeth Worsley)


St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 29th

Friday 3rd - St Thomas the Apostle




Tim Loflus (RIP) (Maureen Mulkerin)

Teusday 30th

Saturday 4th - St Elizabeth of Portugal


Kathleen Fitzpatrick (RIP)




John Corner (RIP) John Corner (RIP)


Anthony Fernandes (Wellbeing) (Appy & Family)

Wednesday 1st - July Sunday 5th - 14th Suday of Ordinary Time b_14_14


Una Murphy (RIP) (Brady Family)




Fr Victor Rocha (RIP) (G. Pereira & Family)

All Parishioners

Holy Hour


Sunday 28th June - Feast of St Peter & Paul, Apostles b_20_20


First Reading (Acts 12:1-11). Peter and the early church experience the power of prayer and the reality of God’s protection.

Second Reading (2 Tim 4:6-8, 17-18). Paul’s life of faithful service to the gospel enables him to face death with serenity. For him and for all who serve God faithfully, death is total fulfilment, everlasting joy.

Gospel (Mt 16:13-19). God alone could have enabled Peter to realise that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus reminds Peter that the Father’s revelation is for the benefit of the church.



Sunday 28th June: The angle of the Lord rescues those who revere him.


  • Welcome: There is still a lot of room on the display area for expressions of the word WELCOME in our different national languages and cultures. So do ‘post’ yours, indicating which it is. By the way thanks for the new arrivals.
  • Lesness Abbey: The annual Lesness Abbey Procession of the Blessed Sacrament takes place on 28th June 2015. Gather at 15:00. See poster in porch for more details.
  • Note: Second collection today Sunday for "Peter's Pence"
  • Note: Second collection next Sunday for Sea Sunday, collection for the Apostleship of the sea.



A peaceful person does more good than a learned one.  Pope John XXIII
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Seneca.

The Universe is one of God’s thoughts. Friedrich Schiller.





General Notices




Bexley Deanery Retreat
25th-27th September at Aylesford Priory

Application forms are available in the porch. Also see the poster.




Friday Night entertainment - 3rd July

Music by Elevations. Children welcome. Bring your own nibbles.




St Thomas More Club
Parish Charity Barbeque - 18th July at 19:30

Sponsors for Food, Donations, Raffle Prizes are needed. Please give your generous support for this very important event. All money raised will go to Bexley & Greenwich Hospice. Any enquires contact BOB on 020 8304 7909. We will be in the porch after weekend masses starting from 27th June, 4th and 11th July.




Ladies Wednesday Club

1st July - Social evening at 19:30

For information please contact: Mary Kearns on 0208 304 2456.




Readers Meeting

All our readers (Proclaimers of the Word) are invited to a meeting on Tuesday June 30th at 20.00 in the church. Together we will reflect on this important ministry. See you there.





Please see leaflets in porch regarding recycling from London Borough of Bexley.




Sick and Retired Priests Support Fund

Next Sunday as you come into mass each adult will be handed a card. You are politely requested to fill in the card and place in the box in the porch as you leave. However, if you cannot do so, please take it home, complete it and bring back the following Sunday. All who complete the cards will in due course receive an invitation to attend an information meeting about the FUND. Thank you for your interest.




Church Grounds

Our sincere thanks to our two octogenarians who on their own initiative tidied our church grounds. They certainly lead by example putting the rest of us in the shade and maybe putting the rest of us to shame.



Ludato Si (Praise to you)

Ludato Si (Praise to you) is the title of Pope Francis, recently published encyclical letter on the care of Mother Earth our Common Home and much more especially to the poor. Even before publication it was being attacked in America by those with vested interests saying that there is not conclusive scientific evidence that global warming is caused by us HUMANS. Pope Francis accepts there is a link and he argues that if objective information suggests that serious and irreversible damage may be done a project should be halted or modified even in the absence of indisputable proof. Here the burden of proof is reversed because in such cases objective and conclusive evidence will have to be brought forward to show that the proposed human activity will NOT cause serious harm. Obviously there is much more to Pope Francis’ letter than the above so Fr John is happy to order copies if you give him your name.





Ita Abbott (RIP)

Ita Abbott (RIP) of Powis Close sadly passed away on 17th June. Cremation at Falconwood on July 3rd  at 13.15. Our deepest sympathies to her family.


Jim Cowen (RIP)

Many here at St. Thomas More would have known Jim especially those who enjoyed Thursday lunch. He died recently and as yet we have no information about his funeral. Our condolences to his family.




Parish Faith & Culture Day - Sunday 4th October 2015

The day was discussed at our EVAN meeting on Wednesday. A special banner is being designed for the occasion. Blasco will erect a text for the many types of food and dishes available on the day. Nearer the date you will be invited to give your name indicating the food/dish you wish to bring and share. In our next meeting we will be planning how our different languages, music, hymns and prayers cane be expressed in our mass on that Sunday October 4th.

Fr John and the EVAN would very much welcome ideas and thoughts, suggestions on any aspect of the DAY. Also because we are arranging a history of our parish in picture form, we would welcome loads of photographs you may have for display on the understanding that they be returned to you intact. Thank-you.




First Holy Communion Celebrations

Congratulations to our children. May we parents and all parishioners continue to help them through our good example and prayers, as they grow in their Catholic Faith in their personal relationship with Jesus. A special word of thanks to Anne and Simon and their team of helpers for their dedication in preparing them. Our thanks also to Pauline for the beautiful flower arrangements and also to Jacquie, musicians, singers not forgetting our drummer boys. Well done to all.


Mass attendence on 21st June 2015: 597

Counters - 05.07.2015

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