St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
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Month of June 2015

Sunday21st - 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time b

Thursday 25th

09:00 .


Alba Fernandes (Wellbeing) (Mr & Mrs Iggie Pereira)

All Parishioners




Jean Elston (RIP) (John, David, Julie & Sean)


St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 22nd- St Thomas More & St John Fisher

Friday 26th



Morning Prayer

Philomena McPhillips (RIP) (Masters family)


Mary Brady (RIP) (Liz Woodward)

Teusday 23rd

Saturday 27th


Trudi Duna (RIP) (Mr & Mrs John Fanthome)




Collen Nyabasa (RIP)


Michelle Gallagly  (Sean & Ane Gallagly)

Wednesday 24th - St John the Baptist Sunday 28th - Feast day of St Peter & Paul, Apostles b_14_14


Fr. Victor Rocha (RIP) (Mr & Mrs Feddie Rodrigues)



All Parishioners

Anne & Michael Caulfield (thanksgiving)


Sunday 21st June - 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time b_20_20


First Reading (Job 38:1, 8-11). God’s control of the sea as described here is an image for his power in creation and for the order that he has established.

Second Reading (2 Cor. 5:14-17). Paul reminds us that our whole existence has been made new in Christ. His death and resurrection has totally changed human life and all creation.

Gospel (Mk 4:35-41). Mark makes us ask a question. If Jesus is one who calms a storm with the power of God the creator, who then is he?



Sunday 21st June:O give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures for ever


  • Welcome: There is still a lot of room on the display area for expressions of the word WELCOME in our different national languages and cultures. So do ‘post’ yours, indicating which it is. By the way thanks for the new arrivals.
  • Lesness Abbey: The annual Lesness Abbey Procession of the Blessed Sacrament takes place on 28th June 2015. Gather at 15:00. See poster in porch for more details.
  • Note: There will be a second collection next Sunday for "Peter's Pence"
  • St Thomas More & St John Fisher Feast Day: The feast day of St Thomas More and John Fisher is on Monday 22nd June. Mass at the usual time - 09:30. There will be an Open Day Mass in our school at 14:00 - Parishioners are very welcome.



I ask you to be revolutionaries to swim against the tide. Pope Francis.
Will we do so by way of response of his letter on caring for the whole of creation?

Everything that irritates us about others can led us to an understanding of our selves. Carl Jung




General Notices




First Holy Communion Celebrations

Today we welcome 18 children of our parish who are celebrating their 1st Holy Communion. We congratulate them and their parents while we remember to thank Simon and Ann and all who helped prepare them for this special day in their Faith journey encountering Jesus in this very personal way. Let us continue to pray for them.

Jaime Butler
Cameron Delvaille-Sills
Luke Ead
James Edun
Josephine Edun
Zachary Harris
Sonia Kattakayam
LillyRose Keifala
Francesca Laera
Harriet Lillington
Blessing Omogbor
Emmanuel Owusu
Callum Pond
Gerrick Sebaratnam
Reley Staden
Jayden Thompson
Maya Vidal
Callum Wells




Friday Night entertainment - 3rd July

Music by Elevations. Children welcome. Bring your own nibbles.




Parish Evangelisation Group

We meet on Wednesday 24th June at 8.00pm in the presbytery. We will be discussing how we can as a parish celebrate our Parish Faith and Culture Day on Sunday October 4th. Your ideas are very welcome so please do not be backward in coming forward. Thank you.




Bexley Deanery Retreat
25th-27th September at Aylesford Priory

Application forms are available in the porch. Also see the poster.


St Vincent De Paul Society - St John Bosco Centre
Children's Summer Holiday Camp, Aldham, Essex

Bookings have now started for the St John Bosco boys’ and girls’ camps. The St Vincent De Paul Society has been running the camp for the Catholic children for more than sixty years.

The boy’s camp runs for two weeks, during the summer holidays from 25th July to 8th August and the girls camp runs for one week from 8th August to 15th August. Please note that boys’ camp age range is 8 to 13 while the girls’ is 9 to 12. Children are accepted for one week only. Any parents who are interested please see poster in the porch or speak to Fr. John.




St Thomas More Club
Parish Charity Barbeque - 18th July at 19:30

Sponsors for Food, Donations, Raffle Prizes are needed. Please give your generous support for this very important event. All money raised will go to Bexley & Greenwich Hospice. Any enquires contact BOB on 020 8304 7909. We will be in the porch after weekend masses starting from 27th June, 4th and 11th July.




Ladies Wednesday Club

1st July - Activity to be confirmed
15th July - Activity to be confirmed

For information please contact: Mary Kearns on 0208 304 2456.




Readers Meeting

All our readers (Proclaimers of the Word) are invited to a meeting on Tuesday June 30th at 20.00 in the church. Together we will reflect on this important ministry. See you there.




Fr Francis Memorial Funds

We have received gratefu confirmation that our donation of £2,750.00 has been added to our previous gift of £3,000.00 with the idea of building up the fund so that  it can be invested so some girls can be helped in education (that) in on-going pattern. The fund will be managed by the body carefully chosen by The Holy Ghost Fathers of whom Fr Francis was a member. Thank you for your support.


Mass attendence on 14th June 2015: 564

Counters - 28.06.2015

Pat Carroll & Melissa Goes