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Month of May 2015

Sunday 3rd May - 5th Sunday of Easter b
(SS Philip & James Apostles)

Thursday 7th

09:00 .


Tom Lafferty (Intention)

All Parishioners




Margaret Snow & Mary Kearns’ intentions.


St Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 4th - Blessed Martyrs of England & Wales

Friday 8th



Morning Prayer

Joseph Chacko (Thomas Chacko)



No Mass Today

Funeral Mass of Belarmia Vaz, followed by burial at Hill View Cemetary at 13:15.

Teusday 5th

Saturday 9th



Lyn Smith (Thanks giving to St Theresa)

Funeral Service of Carl Sturt, followed by committal at Eltham Crematorium at 13:15.




Donor’s Intentions


Caulfield family (Thanks)

Wednesday 6th Sunday 10th - Sixth Sunday of Easter b_14_14


Frank Kilgannon (Eddy & Mary Etheridge)



Davina & Dana’s intentions

All Parishioners


Sunday 5th May- Fifth Sunday of Easter b_20_20


First Reading (Acts 9:26-31). Tells of Paul’s return to Jerusalem after his conversion. He is avoided by the disciples until Barnabas is able to reassure them that his con version is genuine, but when disputes break out with his old comrades, he must leave the city.

Second Reading (1 John 3:18-24). Speaks of genuine Christian love: the practical love that covers a multitude of sins, It is a sign that we really are Christians and really in union with God.

Gospel (John 15:1-8). The parable of the vine and the branches. Jesus is the vine, we his branches. If we are joined to him we can bear fruit; separated from him, we can do nothing.


Sunday 5th May: Responsorial Psalm:  You, Lord, are my praise in the great assembly.

The Month of May is the month of MARY so in her honour we have our
May procession and we are encouraged to pray the ROSARY.

  • Vera Billington (R.I.P.): Some older parishioners’ may remember her here before she moved to St John Fisher’s parish in Bexley. Her funeral mass is at 10:00 in Bexley on Tuesday 5th May. May she rest in peace.
  • Support of Sick and Retired Priests Funds: Back in March mention was made of the Fund. It has not been shelved or put on the back burner. So watch this space for developments. Things are a foot.
  • Welcome: There is still a lot of room on the display area for expressions of the word WELCOME in our different national languages and cultures. So do ‘post’ yours, indicating which it is. By the way thanks for the new arrivals.


General Notices




London Marathon: Congratulations to
Eileen and Sulvia

Investigating the word, I found the race gets its name from (Marathon) the place where a battle was fought in 490 B.C. A man called Phidippides ran 150 miles to get spartan help for the Athenians in the battle. The word is now synonymous with the task or event needing lots of endurance. 

A little note from Eileen Noble: Many thanks to all who sponsored me. I completed the course in 6.10. As soon as I have collected the sponsored money I will let you know how much I will be sending to the Bexley & Greenwich Hospice. Thank you for your generosity.

A thank you from  Sylvia Jennings: Thank you to everyone who kindly sponsored me for the London Marthon. I had a good run in ideal weather conditions. My time was 5:37:27.




Confirmation Thursday May 7th, 19:30

Bishop Lynch will be with us for this special occasion in the lives of our 16 of our young people. As part of their final preparation they will go on a weekend retreat at Walsingham House in Canvey Island. Please pray for them, their catechists and those leading their retreat. Fr. John will be going with them. So Fr. John Taylor, a Mill Hill priest will be with you for that weekend. Enjoy the break.




May Procession - Sunday May 17th at 15:00

This is the date of our annual Parish May procession in honour of Our Lady. Hopefully we will be blessed with good weather. Parents are invited and encouraged to take part with their children. Fr John is very happy to receive the names of children who would wish to be involved in the crowning of Our Lady. Obviously there will be a number of names so it will be a draw from the hat. Thank you.




The Prayers of the Faithfull (Bidding Prayers)

The Mass is the prayer of Jesus to the Father on our behalf. We (so to speak) insert ourselves in His prayer, enter into it, make it our prayer as we offer ourselves to the Father as He offered and continues to offer Himself on our behalf. He is our intercessor with the Father. He takes our prayers to the Father. Now we as Catholics are very accustomed to asking the Saints especially MARY to intercede for us. This is very much in keeping with our faith. However, in the mass all prayers are taken up into the prayer of Jesus the Intercessor. So in our Bidding prayers we simply ask Mary to join us in our prayers.




Lourdes 2015

Southwark Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes (with the Catholic Association) 21-28th August 2015. For further information and booking forms, please contact Southwark Lourdes Pilgrimage Director: Canon Edward Perera 0208 399 9550 or Please see poster in porch for more details.




St Thomas More Primary School, Bexleyheath

St Thomas More Primary School, Bexleyheath is calling all past pupils and their families, former staff, and anyone who has been involved with the school, to help celebrate the School’s 50th Anniversary. The school is creating a history of the school: they need your help to do it!  Thanks to all who attended the heritage event on April 23rd Please continue to spread the 50th Anniversary news. Feel free to contact the School with information/ideas.

Marriage Reflection

How does your family life enrich those around you?

 Dear families, you know very well that the true joy which we experience in the family is not superficial; it does not come from material objects, from the fact that everything seems to be going well..... True joy comes from a profound harmony between persons, something which we all feel in our hearts and which makes us experience the beauty of togetherness, of mutual support along life’s journey. But the basis of this feeling of deep joy is the presence of God, the presence of God in the family and his love, which is welcoming, merciful and respectful towards all. And above all, a love which is patient....if God’s love is lacking, the family loses its harmony, self-centredness prevails and joy fades. But the family which experiences the job of faith communicates it naturally. That family is the salt of the earth and the light of the world, it is the heaven of society as a whole. Dear families, always live in faith and simplicity, life the Holy Family of Nazareth! The joy and peace of the Lord be always with you!”  Pope Francis, Rome 27 Oct 2013.




The Great Big Community Cuppa - May 2015

Put the kettle on to support your local Hospice. Please see poster in porch for more details.





Common Objections to Catholicism

Venue Amigo Hall, St George’s Cathedral, Lambeth Road from 19.30 to 21.00, No charge.

 7th May: “The Catholic Church is unbiblical”. For more details please see poster in porch.




Nepal Earthquake

The loss of human life and suffering is truly frightening together with the destruction of so many houses and buildings. Knowing that parishioners would want to help I contacted CAFOD which is already involved in launching an appeal. We will shortly receive some envelopes for our contribution. Thank you and remember that up to May 17th the GOVERNMENT WILL DOUBLE ANY DONATIONS we give via CAFOD.




Budgets: What do they say?

Budgets can be a good indicator of a nation’s real priorities. The UK has the 6th largest military budget in the world: £38,000 million in 2014. In comparison, £12,000 million was allocated to overseas aid. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office budget was a mere £1,360 million. A shift in priorities from military spending towards social needs at home and overseas would reduce inequality and create a more secure world for all.




Celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

If it is your 1st, your 25th/40th/50th/60th or more there is a special mass for you in St George’s Cathedral, on Saturday June 20th at 12.00 noon. Please give your names to Fr John as soon as possible, as there is a registration requirement.




Ladies Wednesday Club

6th May 7.30pm Quiz. For information please contact: Mary Kearns on 0208 304 2456.


Mass attendence on 26th April 2015: 429

Counters - 10.05.2015

Pat Carroll & Melissa Goes.