St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bostall Park
Fr. John O'Donoghue 420a Long Lane, Bexleyheath, DA7 5JW (T: 020-8303 2189)



Month of March 2015

Sunday 8th March - Third Sunday of Lent b

Thursday 12th

09:00 .



All Parishioners

Francis & Isabella D’Souza (Muriel D’Souza)

Stations of the Cross and Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament ending with Benediction




William Hunter (RIP)


St. Thomas More Lunch Club

Monday 9th

Friday 13th



Morning Prayer

John Cassidy (RIP)



Magella Clancy (RIP) (A&J  Gallogly)

Funeral Mass of CIARA PENNY followed by her burial
at Plumstead cemetery at 14.30

Teusday 10th

Saturday 14th


Eamon Keady (RIP) (P. Keady)




Doreen D’Mello (RIP) (Mina Fernandes)


Paul Keane RIP (Corr Family)

Wednesday 11th Sunday 15th - Fourth Sunday of Lent b_14_14


Margaret Roberts (Wellbeing) (Margaret Williams)



All Parishioners

Jessica Asuen (Thanksgiving)


Sunday 8th March - Third Sunday of Lent year_b


First Reading (Exod. 20:P1-17) God gives Israel the Ten Commandments.

Second Reading (1Co.1:22-25) Our faith is in the crucified Christ: an obstacle and a foolishness to unbelievers.

Gospel (John 2:13-25) Jesus cleanses the temple, his Father’s house, and speaks of his death and resurrection.


Sunday 8th March: Responsorial Psalm:  You, Lord have the message of eternal life

  • Coffee Morning: The Co-workers of Blessed Mother Teresa are holding a Coffee morning, in the church hall this Sunday the 8th of March following the 09.00 mass. Please come and support us.
  • Sale of Church: NO SALE
  • Availability/Appointments: Fr. John is aware that he is not always at home when people ring up and that he does not always hear the phone or the door bell (Mutt & Jeff)! However, he is usually around at Sunday and weekday mass times. So that might be a good time to pin him down. See you.
  • St Patrick's Dance: 14th March. Music by Duck Soup from 8pm till late. Tickets: Adults £6, Children £3. For tickets etc. Call BOB on 0208 304 7909


General Notices




St. Patrick's Dance

St Patrick’s Dance – 14th March. Music by Duck Soup from 8pm till late. Tickets: Adults £6, Children £3. For tickets etc. Call BOB on 0208 304 7909




Presentation on Prayer

Our next presentation on prayer is Thursday 12th March. The venue is our church and the starting time is 19.30, with a short half-way break in the porch for a chat and a cuppa. Hope to see you there and please bring a friend.




5th Bexleyheath West Guides and Brownies

Guides and Brownies in St Thomas More church are very active. Our recent outings include ice skating, the climbing wall at Woolwich and swimming. Our next adventure is a trip to Cadbury World chocolate factory, which everybody is very excited about.

The Guides and some of the older Brownies are then off to Ireland this summer! Some of the 3rd Bexleyheath West Guides will also join us from St Peter’s. This is the second time that we have made this trip; it was so successful last time, we thought we would arrange a return visit five years later. We have been busy making plans during the last year. The Guides will be visiting Dublin Zoo and then travelling to Limerick where we will visit a castle, some caves, an activity centre and the beach as well as learning camp skills like cooking on campfires. The girls will stay partly in a house and some in tents. As with most international camps, the Guides have to fundraise. We were given the daunting task of raising £9,000 for the coach alone. So since our task begun, we have had a bingo night, a beetle drive, various bag packing weekends and our next challenge is a boot fair. We have also been lucky to have been supported by Barclays Bank who have matched some of our funds.

We are having a QUIZ NIGHT and CAKE SALE on THURSDAY 21st MARCH 2015 from 18.00-20.00 in the church hall. There is also raffle with top prizes including £25 WH Smith voucher, an alarm clock, a set of Roald Dahl books and many more. If anyone would like to join us on this evening, they are most welcome and please bring family and friends. The entrance fee will be £1.




Day of Reflection

At St John Fisher Church, Bexley on 14th March 2015 from 9am to 16.00.  See poster in church for further details.




A thank you

The Societyfor the Protection of Unborn Children - acknowledge the receipt of £360 from the White Flower Appeal 2015. Your generosity is very much appreciated.




Ladies Wednesday Club

11th March - Beetle Drive
25th March - Go out for evening meal

Contact Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456

Sick and retired priests fund

For priests their home is usually attached to the job. So when he retires the job goes and so does his home. And what then? Build him ‘Granny’ flat, put him in a room upstairs, but then what about his successor who may be a married man with family.  Presently, there are 69 retired priests in our Dioceses and each year the number will increase unless they suddenly die off. Our Archbishop Peter sees it as a priority that provision is made to give sick and retired priests on-going reasonable care and comfort.  This priority has very serious financial implications. Thankfully not all retired priests are presently in nursing homes because as many of us will know the cost is about £1000/- a week. So in our effort to address the situation, the diocese is launching a fund raising campaign to raise £4.5 million over the next four years. Each parish is asked to put in place a team to administer the scheme. In our case we are in the process of doing so and under the chairmanship of Tom Breen. If you feel you can help in anyway, please see Fr. John or Tom.  Watch this space for further information in the forthcoming months. Thank-you.




Forthcoming Confessions for parents and their
First Holy communion children

There are two opportunities  - Saturday March 14th at 10.00am and Saturday 21st of March at 15.00. Indeed this is a good time for all family members to revisit the sacrament and experience the forgiveness, healing of Jesus.




No Minor Issue

A few days ago, a couple who are living together came to tell me that they were getting married. I said:’ Good. Are you ready for it?’ They both answered ‘Yes, now we are looking for a church that suits my dress best,’ she said. ‘Yes, right now were in the middle of all the preparations – the invitations, souvenirs and all the rest’, he echoed. ‘There’s also the issue of the party. We cannot make up our minds because we don’t want the reception to be hosted too far from the church. And then there’s the other issue. Our best man and maid of honour are divorced, same as my parents, so we can’t have both of them’. All these issues are about the ceremony! Indeed, getting married should be celebrated, because you need courage to get married and that should be commended. However, neither of them made any comment at all on what this meant to them, the fact that it was a lifetime commitment. ‘What do I mean’? That for a great many people, getting married is just a social event. The religious element doesn’t surface in the least. So how can the church help in this situation? If they are not ready, do we slam the door in their face? It is no minor issue. Pope Francis, Interview with Latin American newspaper.




Lent Banners

They are blank inviting us to express in words or art what LENT means for each of us. What is my word? What is your art?




Thoughts for the day

God is at home, it is we who have gone out for a walk. Meister Eckhart

Our faith takes us where our reason cannot go.
Basil Hume

God is always ready there to give and forgive absolutely independent of our response. 
Henri Nouwen



Mass attendence on 1st March 2015: 394

Counters - 08.03.2015 C. Walters & M. Goes