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Month of February 2015

Sunday 8th - Fifth Sunday b

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Margaret Kelly RIP (Des & Kathleen Leahy)

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Augustinho Fernandes RIP


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Fr Martin Walsh RIP (Kath McGowan)


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Tommy Joyce RIP (Maureen Mulkerrin)

Wednesday 11th - Our Lady of Lourdes Sunday 15th - Sixth Sunday b_14_14


Magella Clancy RIP (R&J Gallogly)



Alba Fernandes – Wellbeing (I & E Pereira)

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Sunday 15th February - sixth Sunday b_20_20


In today’s gospel we see Christ’s concern for the sick and the outcast; for those rejected by society; for those with few or none to help them. God finds glory in living men, in men who are healthy in mind and body. Let us draw near to Jesus in order to find true life.

First Reading (Lev.13:1-2,44-46) This passage contains the Old Testament law on people suspected of having leprosy or contagious skin diseases. After diagnosis, the person so afflicted was to be put into quarantine until the ailment was declared cured.

Second Reading (1 Cor.10:31 – 11:1) Whatever we do, we should do it for the glory of God.

Gospel (Mark 1:40-45) Jesus shows his concern for human suffering by the cure of a leper. Because of their disease, lepers were outcasts from society.


Sunday 1st February: Responsorial Psalm:  Praise the Lord who heals the broken-hearted.

  • Are we Welcoming as a Parish?: A question that was raised at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday. We felt we are a welcoming parish  evidenced by our parishioners who are our welcomers at all masses on Sunday. This is an invaluable ministry and sincere thanks to those involved. As an upshot of our discussions, Fr John would be delighted to post in the porch the word WELCOME in the language of parishioners from different nationalities and cultures. Please feel free to devise your own ‘poster’ bearing in mind that the display space in the porch is limited. Thank you and welcome.
  • S.T.M. Social Club AGM: The St. Thomas More Club AGM will take place at 20.30 in the club, on Friday February 20th.
  • Recycling: The only thing you cannot recycle is wasted time.


General Notices




Walk with me

As you may remember rather late in the day I made available copies of this publication coming up to Christmas.  All copies went. ALLELUA.  Now I am ahead of myself and have ordered 50 copies for LENT.  The reflections will be based on the 8 BEATITUDES which Pope Francis encourages us to know (and Live) together with the 10 commandments. Nearer the time, for those of us who may have forgotten them, copies will be available.  Happy refreshment.





A ground-breaking film series by Fr. Robert Barron, commences Wednesday 28th at St. John Fisher Bexley Church Hall.

Admission is free, light refreshments as usual.




S.T.M. St. Valentine's Day Dance

S.T.M. St Valentines Dance 14th February. Music by Elevation. £6 per person. 20.00 till late.




St thomas More Social Club
Bar Manager – Bar Staff

Required for weekend Shifts.  No experience needed.  Training can be given.  For more information and enquiries please contact Bob Penny on 0208 3047909 or Caroline Walters on 0208 304 7405




Deanery Youth Mass
St. Lawrence's in Sidcup on Sunday 15th March at 11:30

Young people from in and around Bexley will be bringing their prayers, skills, talents and hearts to offer our worship and celebrate in the presence of our Lord and King Jesus! After Mass, there will be testimonies from young people, fun activities, Krispy Kreme donuts and a Question and Answer session, so if you have any burning questions regarding God, the Church or your faith, you will have them answered by some amazing young Catholics!  If you would like to get involved at the Mass, come along to the planning meeting on Sunday 8th February at St. Lawrence’s, Sidcup at 14:00.




Lost property

Quite regularly items are found in the church after mass at the weekend, gloves, scarves, woolly hats, spectacles etc.  Very recently a baby’s pushchair was left in the porch (minus the baby).  Items are kept for a couple of weeks and then disposed of, so if any items are yours please collect fairly promptly.  Thank you.


Looking forward to lent, Fr John is in the process of producing material for study and reflection during lent.





Fr John invites the group to meet with him again after the Christmas recess on Tuesday 10th February at 19.30 in the presbytery




Volunteer Typist

Fr John is recruiting.  The typing is of a simple nature and the time involved would be about 2 hours weekly and it could be split into two sessions if more convenient.  Thank you and look forward to working with your spare time.




Ladies Wednesday Club

11th February – Erith Theatre, meet at 19:30
25th February – Quiz
11th March - Beetle Drive
25th March - Go out for evening meal

Contact Mary Kearns 0208 304 2456




Annual Lourdes Handicapped Race Night

March 7th from 20.00 till late. This evening for a number of years has been very much appreciated and attended, so lets us keep up the good tradition. Come along with friends. You are invited as usual to sponsor a race for £25.00 or buy a horse for £5.00 and if your horse wins you receive £15.00. This weekend TONY BROOKE will be in the porch after 10.30 mass and at all masses on subsequent Sundays. Thank you.




Fr. Francis Endowment Fund

I am delighted to hear you were able to raise funds for Fr Francis’ Project, during his second anniversary celebrations. Thank you very much.
Coincidentally, we are having the Governing Council Meeting this weekend 17th January 2015.  I will keep you informed of our decisions. To: Mary Bass and parishioners.




Mass attendence on 1st February: 411

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Counters - 15.02.2015 Eddy Etheridge & John Marsh