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Month of January 2015

Sunday 11th - The Baptism of the Lord b

Thursday 15th

09:00 .


All Parishioners

Sylvia Lonergan’s wellbeing (Muriel D’Souza)




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Monday 12th

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Morning Prayer

Alex & Milita (Thanksgiving)


Thomas Mullen RIP (Maureen Mulkerrin)

Teusday 13th

Saturday 17th


Joe Quirke RIP (Muriel D’Souza)




Jude McCarthy RIP (Kilgannon family)


John Shea  RIP & Brian Pike RIP (Nuala Shea & Ann Pike)

Wednesday 14th Sunday 18th - Day of Peace on Earth b_14_14


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Seamus RIP & Pauline Conaty RIP

All Parishioners


Sunday 18th - Second Sunday b_20_20


One of the dangers in the society of today is that people can lose their sense of uniqueness.  The pace of life quickens, and society becomes more and more faceless.  Because of all this, the call that Jesus holds out to us is very important.  If Christ wants us so badly, then it means that we do have a unique value;  if we refuse his invitation, then something important is missing in his plan.

First Reading (1 Sam 3:3-10,19).  The Lord’s call to Samuel took him by surprise.  After all, he was only a servant in the Sanctuary.  But the Lord called him to be on one of the greatest figures in Israel’s history.

Second Reading(1 Cor.6: 13-15, 17-20).   Sexual morality in ancient Corinth was never very high.  St. Paul reminds the Christians there that the body which was made a Temple of the Holy Spirit through Baptism is meant for other things than immorality.

Gospel (John 1:34-42).  When the Lord called the apostles, did they really have much of an ideas of the way Christ would use them to change the world?  From this simple beginning, great things would come.


Sunday 11th: Responsorial Psalm:  The Lord will bless his people with peace.

  • No Mass: There will no Mass on January Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th
  • RIP Jean Dora Elston: Jean Dora Elston.  Requiem 11.30, 23rd January.  Committal at Hill View 13.00.
  • RIP May Louise Hannagan: May Louise Hannagan Requiem Mass on January  Monday 26th at 13.15, followed by cremation at Kemnal Park at 15.00.
  • RIP Kathleen Carey-Evans: Kathleen Carey-Evans – Body into Church on January Monday 26th at 16.30, Requiem Mass on  Tuesday 27th at 11.00, followed by cremation at Eltham Crematorium at 12.30.
  • Peace Sunday: Next Sunday is Peace Sunday: Pax Christi envelopes are in the Porch.  Please take one and return by next week 18th January 2015.  (See notice below).
  • White Flower Appeal: SPUC Annual White Flower Appeal, 10th-11th January 2015, please see notice below.


General Notices




Pax Christi - The Peace of Christ

The work of Pax Christi is based on the gospel and inspired by faith.  Our vision is of a world where people can live in peace, without fear of violence in all its forms.

Rooted in Catholic Christianity, we work with all who share our values to abolish war and create communities of peace and justice.




The Co-Workers of Blessed Mother Teresa

The Co-workers of Blessed Mother Teresa are holding a coffee morning  in the Church Hall this Sunday 11th January following the 09:00 Mass.  Please come and support us. Thérésa Quirke.




Our Lady's Film Group
Monasticism - Eastern Orthadox & Anglican

St. John Fisher Church Hall on Wednesday 21st January 2015 19:00 for 19.30.  See pamphlet in the Porch.





A ground-breaking film series by Fr. Robert Barron, commences Wednesday 28th at St. John Fisher Bexley Church Hall.

Arrivals from 19:00 to 19.30.  Admission is free, light refreshments as usual.




STM Friday Night Entertainment

Friday night entertainment, 6th February 2015.  Bring your nibbles.  Members and children welcome.  20:00 till late.




Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity
January 18th - 28th

This is a period of eight days of Prayer that all Christians may be one according to the prayer of Jesus “that all may be one.” Church Unity Service will be at St Andrews on Sunday January 25th at 17.00. We have been invited to lead the Bidding Prayers.  Any volunteers?




Fr. Francis Endowment Fund

The amount donated came to £2,750.00.  The cheque has been sent via The Holy Ghost Provincial at Bickley near Bromley.  Thanks to all for your generosity.




Thank You

Fr. John says a very sincere word of thanks for very generous Christmas Offering which amounted to £3,343.14.  A big “thank you” also for  your cards  “goodies” and gifts.




Sunday Mass Readers Guide

Copies are now available in the Sacristy.  May I emphasise that it is essential that all members of The Word collect and use the guide.  Hopefully this will enable all ministers to have a better understanding of the text to be read or rather Proclaimed for what it is.  The Word of the Lord. A minister should never come “cold” to the Scripture passage or indeed to the Bidding Prayers.  If any minister of The Word does not have a Sunday Missile with the current scriptures please speak to Fr. John.  Finally thank you for your ministry.




SPUC Annual White Flower Appeal
10th - 11th January 2015

04012015_1The Society for the protection of unborn children (SPUC) will be holding its annual White Flower Appeal next weekend.  In common with the Catholic Church SPUC defends and upholds the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. In November two pro-life midwives went to the supreme court in London to defend their right to refuse to be involved in abortions.  On the 17th of December the supreme court issued a Ruling rejecting the case of the two midwives and in doing so severely restricted the legal protection of the right of conscientious objection.  SPUS has over the past three years helped to fund the legal costs incurred by the two midwives and will continue to use its funds in the defence of human life in all its stages. Please give generously to this worthy cause.  The collection will be held after all masses next weekend.




St thomas More Social Club

Bar Manager – Bar Staff

Required for weekend Shifts.  No experience needed.  Training can be given.  For more information and enquiries please contact Bob Penny on 0208 3047909 or Caroline Walters on 0208 304 7405




Religious Goods Display

Orthodox Sisters from St Elizabeth Convent near Minsk  Belarus will display some of their religious goods, icons, paintings etc. in the Porch the weekend of January 24/25.  You may wish to buy or order some and in this way support their work in caring for orphans and handicapped children.





CONGRATULATIONS to Eileen Noble  on doing a 6 mile run to celebrate her 80th birthday.  Here is an inspiration for all you good ladies.  Like Eileen you can do it.




Mass attendence on 4th January: 388

Counters - 11.01.2015 Caroline Walters & Melissa Goes
Counters - 18.01.2015 Messrs. Claude L’Olive & Dorothy Nikoi